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Best Corporate Headquarters

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Post the corporate headquarters you find most impressive, dominating, or aesthetically pleasing. Whether they be Global 500 company headquarters or the mom & pop shop down the road, post them and let us know which company has the best HQ.
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There are 6 towers and a pavilion that are part of Toronto-Dominion Centre. TD Bank uses the tallest tower, Toronto Dominion Tower, and the pavilion as as bank branch. They might have some staff in the other towers as well.
But what is it the corporate headquarters for? I doubt if the corporate headquarters of any corporation is in all of these buildings. So, in keeping with the thread title, what is the corporate headquarters?
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If we're doing the Big 5, we'd need to include the largest Canadian bank, Royal Bank. Royal Bank of Canada occupies both of the gold towers. You can see a bit of TD Bank's HQ (black tower) and CIBC's HQ (silver tower on the left) in the first photo.

Royal Bank Plaza

Courtesy of skyscrapercenter

Courtesy of r-f photography
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When I first saw photos of it I thought it was a bit garish. In person, it's spectacular. It doesn't get as much attention as some of the other buildings, but it's a gem. Royal Bank Plaza will age well too.
When I visited Toronto in Feb I was so impressed by this building^^
Like a jewel in the crown of Toronto's skyline
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