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Best Corporate Headquarters

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Post the corporate headquarters you find most impressive, dominating, or aesthetically pleasing. Whether they be Global 500 company headquarters or the mom & pop shop down the road, post them and let us know which company has the best HQ.
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Devon Energy Center, Oklahoma City.

This is an absolutely fantastic aerial shot of Devon tower!

Oklahoma City!

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Bank of America World Headquarters

IMG_9380a by CSAustin, on Flickr
Do you think you can find a clean shot of the building, like an aerial with it right in the middle? I can't tell which one it is from this set of photos. Even with you using more than one photo, it's difficult. What is it the corporate headquarters of?
But what is it the corporate headquarters for? I doubt if the corporate headquarters of any corporation is in all of these buildings. So, in keeping with the thread title, what is the corporate headquarters?
I think it's the buildings, not just a single structure. The one in charlotte is one of my favorite buildings.
This reminds of me something Frank Lloyd Wright would have designed.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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