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Best Corporate Headquarters

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Post the corporate headquarters you find most impressive, dominating, or aesthetically pleasing. Whether they be Global 500 company headquarters or the mom & pop shop down the road, post them and let us know which company has the best HQ.
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UniCredit Bank
Project of the skyscraper, along with other towers, redesigned an entire district: Porta Nuova. Designed by Cesar Pelli, it's a sort of tribute to our Cathedral (how you can see the spire is a modern interpretation of the old ones). UniCredit Bank HQ is now a symbol of the city, and a great hub with its circular Gae Aulenti Square (also here another tribute to italian architecture: the square), and the nearest urban contemporary park "Library of Trees" (which is U / C). Here you can find also branded stores, from fashion to food.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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