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Which of the following is the best photo collage of Lebanon?

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Best Lebanon Collage Competition!

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Welcome to the first annual Lebanon photo-collage competition!

The rules are very simple...

1. It must contain pics of Lebanon!

2. It must be your own creation and not something you found online.

3. It can contain text, be any size, shape, color-scheme, etc that you want!

Please post it here and number it (as we do with banners). I will add a poll to this thread in about 3 days depending on whether we have enough entries or not.

I know we have a lot of creative forumers so I encourage everyone to participate.

Good luck!



Here are the five different collages you have to choose from:





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^^ Those are awesome, its exactly what I had in mind for collages...nice work!
Great stuff missy :)
and i dont think u should combine them....... they r just perfect
^^WOW u no missy ur really good at this i think the second is amazing!! keep it up ;)
thank ya'll now.. guys its time to show some of ur creativity! i wanna see some competition ;)

@Beiruti: entry #3 edited !
^thanks for including the Armenian Cathedral of antelias hihi
Where are you guys??? Shou you want Missy to compete with herself ?!
^^ Where are you? We're expecting something from you too!
^^ know, I don't come back at home before 4:30 saturdays and sundays, so basically, I don't have much time to do something extraordinary...But I'll see what I can do...
eh enno 7ada yelekcho la haida l thread :poke::crazy:
^^ I was wondering where r u BG .... but it's worth the wait :eek:kay:
Beiruti,can you please not open the poll today (or tomorrow) because I have some things to fix on my collage ?
^^ I will start the poll on Tuesday... hopefully we will have some more entries by then!
I would like to make one.. but sadly I dont have any time.
I simply don't know how to make one :D but i like ur work guys,keep it up :)
I allready know which Im going to vote for !
Where is Lirtain? I expected something from him...
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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