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Best looking embassies in your country

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I guess this will be interesting. Post some photos of different embassies

Heres one – The French Embassy in Belgrade
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I personally prefer the South Korean Embassy in Belgrade, in beautiful Uzicka Street. Pre World War II villa, very beautiful.

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^^ yes that one is very nice. And there is actually a really good ambassador from SK
^^ Isn't it Young Hee Kim or something? I heard she's supposed to bring in huge dollars from keen foreign investors from Seoul to invest heavily in Serbia, I'm not too sure. :)
Interesting thread... In Moscow my favourite are these:
Korean embassy

French castle in russian style :)

United States have rather original building

I guess there is no such American embassy in the world where there are no protests near it :laugh:
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Design: Erick Van Egeraat Associated Architects BV
Built: 2002-2003

"The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Poland is situated near Lazienki Park and combines the chancellery and ambassadors residence.
The objective was to create a design that reflects the Dutch tradition of transparency and openess. "


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I can't find pictures of others. But this is Russian embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine

Chernomirdin probably eats here :)

Iran has a nice an interesting embassy. Looks like an academy. Too bad the picture isn't that great.


None of them want to post nice big pictures.

Austrian ( shouldnt they have austrian flag there? )
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Hm no I think thats ukrainian embassy in Austria
Dutch embassies are always modern-looking and really cool. This is the one in Ljubljana:

The beautiful thing is however the residence of the Dutch ambassador:

The American embassy in Ljubljana:

Polish embassy:

Hungarian embassy:

British embassy:

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^^ lol
Look what I found :rofl:

James Bond
Press Attache
Al.Ujazdowskie 29/31
00-540 Warsaw
Tel.: +48/22 504-2000
Fax: +48/22 504-2313
E-mail: public
Dutch embassy in Poland and Slovenia look way cool, I like the sharp lines and modern slick design of the embassies...

New US Embassy in Zagreb is a monstrosity, it is massive thing, I have no pictures to share with you, but the thing suppose to look like a bunker, lol,. it is at the outskirts of the city in area called Buzin. The Embassy has about 5000sqm office space, but entire complex look s like a an army base of some sorts.. lol..
Dutch embassy in Kyiv
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I can't select my favourite one in Riga. Sorry, I will post several embassies - our diplomatic service has got a lot to offer for every country.

German embassy:

Detail of Slovakian embassy:






Others are of similar beauty. Just two - Lithuanian and Belarussian - are newly built.
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Wow, they're all wonderful ^
Dutch Embassy Zagreb

US Embassy Zagreb
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Us embassy in Bosnia which is protected by Bosnian Special Police Units ready to shoot anyone in the head who gets close enough and becomes an automatic thread :jk: , is white and huge. The building looks like some sort or ancient roman thing, its pretty impressive, like I said its guarded pretty well and taking pics is a big No No. Well Us brought land about 4,000m2, which they are building a new embassy on, most likely going to be a midrise or highrise dunno...Also close to that Egypt, Malasyia, Turkey, and Saudia Arabia are all making new embassies which will probably be hella modern and cool looking. But no renderings of this above.
I don`t think Dutch embassy in here is interesting but another country that constructs new embassies is Canada and it's nice in Belgrade as well.

You should see American one though. They have closed the whole street that bypasses the embasse and bought all of the surrounding buildings. They have also walled up windows on main building but left the facade form intact so now you have window holes with walls instead of notmal windows.
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