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Best of Britain

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Inspired by that...'Wonders of Greece' Thread!

Not just beautiful buildings....but beautiful sights and pictures that sum up Britain in all its glory!

Feel free to add your own pics...I will be adding many more!

Houses of Parliment

St Ives Beach

Fourth Rail Bridge

Hadrians wall...75 miles Long...East Coast to West Coast

London Eye...New Years

Brgh Island

Tresco Scilly Isles

Eden Project Cornwall

Piccadilly Circus

Royal Pavillion Brighton
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pricemazda said:
God I love this country.
Post a pic of your favorite bit then :D

Loch Lomond

whitby Abbey....Built 657AD....Destroyed by those darn Vikings in 750AD

Requests for this thread...a decent pic of the Blackpool illuminations and Deal Caste
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Whitby Abbey was much later than that... the original abbey was built 650AD, but the ruins you've pictured are only about 7/800 years old.
Oh yeah my mistake...the ruins in the pic are of the rebuilt abbey....1087 apparently!

Still...1000 years old :eek:
Surprisingly, I've seen most of those places in the pics with the exception of a few. The UK will be more appealing if it had better weather, hehe. I love the Lake District and the Highlands, lovely places.
The weather aint that bad, people! It has been 20 deg C (and thats in the north) this weekend, and we're only just going into British summer time (BST)...
Its been hitting 20'C here most of March (I Live in South Lincolnshire)
Bahraini Spirit said:
Surprisingly, I've seen most of those places in the pics with the exception of a few.

I was actually counting the places ive seen....about 3 I think :(

Peckham Library

Lincoln Cathedral...Former Worlds Tallest Building
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Caerleon amphitheater
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eddyk said:
I was actually counting the places ive seen....about 3 I think :(
Don't worry, hopefully you'll see more soon :).

Humber Bridge...The worlds longest Suspension Bridge...Maybe 2nd or 3rd at the moment....I havnt Checked!

2220M...7283ft long

Ive been there...Infact thats the furthest north ive ever been....Furthest south...Cairo
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^^That's one crazy trafffic light. Wouldn't like to be stopped at that thing. its a roundabout sculpture

Tallest Sculpture in the UK 'B of the Bang' 185ft
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I I thought I would grace you all with some more pics of Britain!

Great Court British Museum

Imperial War Museum North

Laban dance School

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Sheldon Square

Imax Cinema London

Hoover Building

London Taxi

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Chalk Lion, Bedfordshire.

Lands end, Cornwall

Science Centre, Glasgow
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Coolest house in the UK....Towen Beach
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