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Best of Britain

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Inspired by that...'Wonders of Greece' Thread!

Not just beautiful buildings....but beautiful sights and pictures that sum up Britain in all its glory!

Feel free to add your own pics...I will be adding many more!

Houses of Parliment

St Ives Beach

Fourth Rail Bridge

Hadrians wall...75 miles Long...East Coast to West Coast

London Eye...New Years

Brgh Island

Tresco Scilly Isles

Eden Project Cornwall

Piccadilly Circus

Royal Pavillion Brighton
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Ignore... Double Post. ;)
eddyk said:
Did you take any pics while you was england?
Yes, but with a crappy film camera. I didn't get a digital camera until last year, I was late to the party dammit! :bash: That and about 3 full videotapes.
Some pictures from the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire/Herefordshire:

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I'll post some from recent treks to the Lake District and Cadair Idris in Snowdonia when I get time.
eddyk said:

SECC Glasgow
That looks like my avatar :)
wow, that's a beautiful photo of the tower, love the fog and the tram wred in the foreground
I honestly do not understand why people ever got excited over these projects along the Mersey. Obviously I do not object to skyscrapers - I would not be here, but these U/C's are so very dire by design, such buildings belong to Manchester or Birmingham. The best the wonderful city of Liverpool can hope for is taller buildings that would stand in the view.
I would love to spend a couple of months travelling around Britain, there are so many places I've never visited, and never even thought of visiting before I found this thread. It's a shame we don't have great summers (apart from the odd one here and there, at least that is the case up this way), the dull weather sends you in to the nearest travel agent... pity considering we have such beauty on our doorstep.

Great thread, eddy. :)
What you on about....There are some top Buildings in there!

And anyhoo....why not...that greek guy did it!
Im digging the tropical feel of the south west...

Great stuff.....Well I just spent about 1hour putting pics on here and when I clicked post relply the site couldnt be found so ive had to do it again :( really should visit southers England....1000's of Plam Trees and beatiful plants....warm....amazing beaches with crystal clear water!

St Marys, Scilly Isles

Old Town Church graveyard, St. Mary's

Morrab Park Penzance, Cornwall

Harbour Devon somewhere!

Back to Cornwall & the Scilly Isles...,

St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly

St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly

St.Michael's Mount near Penzance, Cornwall

Porthcurno, Coastpath between Boscastle and Tintagel

We've got loads of parakeets near my family home too, they wake us up every morning squawking like crazy

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In 2005 a panther-like animal jumped on a man in his garden in South London. The only way this was confirmed was that when he called the police they saw it too:

Taken Selby, North Yorkshire

Keep in mind that there are no native animals with this footprint.

Taken in Battle Woods, Hastings

Over the years there have been cats killed :-
1989 - In Shropshire a Jungle Cat was fatally injured in a road crash
1988 - In Devon a Leopard Cat was shot
1988 - In Hampshire a Swamp Cat was killed crossing a road
1987 - On the Isle of Wight a Leopard Cat was shot

Other evidence:

No native animal is capable of this:

At least 4 leapards have been shot in the uK [2 in the Scottish Borders]:

Photograph taken in Kent:

This Leopard escaped in 2001 and has not been recovered:

Taken in Ulster:

The skull of a leopard found on Bodmin Moore:
2 from fitz44 of London

Albert Memorial, in front of the Albert Hall (concert venue).

Canary Wharf from Greenwhich by Vaidas M on flickr
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It´s amazing how London can look like a small exotic town and a mega city at the same time.
From my neck of the woods in Essex/Suffolk:

1) Colchester

Colchester Highstreet and Town Hall

Colchester Castle

The Ruins of St. Botolph's Church

The Old Siege House

Cottages by the River

Wivenhoe Park (Essex University Campus)

The New Essex University Lecture Hall

2) Manningtree and Mistley

Mistley Towers (Remains of an Old Church)

Manningtree High Street

Mistley Church

3) East Bergholt and Flatford

St. Mary's Church (Incomplete Due to Funding Issues at the Time of Construction in 16th Centuary)


Flatford Mill

House (Opposite a Pub I Believe)

4) Ipswich

Ipswich Marina

Towers at the Marina

Ipswich Town Hall

The Highstreet
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