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Best of Britain

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Inspired by that...'Wonders of Greece' Thread!

Not just beautiful buildings....but beautiful sights and pictures that sum up Britain in all its glory!

Feel free to add your own pics...I will be adding many more!

Houses of Parliment

St Ives Beach

Fourth Rail Bridge

Hadrians wall...75 miles Long...East Coast to West Coast

London Eye...New Years

Brgh Island

Tresco Scilly Isles

Eden Project Cornwall

Piccadilly Circus

Royal Pavillion Brighton
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I always thought that Scottish castles were influenced by French ones. The Scots and French were quite friendly back then and had a very bad habbit of joining together and invading England. England, being the nice neighbour, returned the favour :) [I'm a poet]

Scotland's most famous castle (you may know it):

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tommygunn said:
be happy i think youre right about the french castles the buildings round edinborough castle are copied from eastern euorope.
Haha, Edinburgh castle is very scottish. It is more a fortress than a stereotypical castle. Find me a castle in Eastern Europe that looks like either Edinburgh or Stirling castle.
The Boy David said:
Where did you get all those fantastic pics of the Highlands from Be_Happy?
A smashing wee website by the name of Trekearth.
Which buildings? Post a pic.
They look more Amsterdam than Eastern Europe ...
errr .... four storey houses, solid rock, Edinburgh? I'm afraid I have no idea...
Forth Rail Bridge, actually :)
Forth Road Bridge:

Forth Rail Bridge:

Firth of Forth:

The Bridges into San Fiero in the game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andrea are based on these two bridge:

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500 posts is the max i think, before it's deleted. Not sure though.
Unknown yer bum. I know most of those. The British museum is certainly known!
...How many pages?

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Image available exclusively from

Nice one...

I just realised there are NO pictures of Glasgow in this thread at all.

That will have to be corrected on the next page ... ;)

56kers Beware! :runaway:

There we go, problem corrected :eek:kay:
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Kids in the riot said:
yhup, it was built in 1939, great building. The architect (Sir Owen Williams ) also did buildings for the daily express in London and Glasgow:


can't find a glasgow pic.
I think this is the one your talking about:

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