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Best of Britain

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Inspired by that...'Wonders of Greece' Thread!

Not just beautiful buildings....but beautiful sights and pictures that sum up Britain in all its glory!

Feel free to add your own pics...I will be adding many more!

Houses of Parliment

St Ives Beach

Fourth Rail Bridge

Hadrians wall...75 miles Long...East Coast to West Coast

London Eye...New Years

Brgh Island

Tresco Scilly Isles

Eden Project Cornwall

Piccadilly Circus

Royal Pavillion Brighton
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Britain: the only country where you can succesfully pull off painting the flag on your car and not look like a tit :eek:kay:

No :nono:

Silly :nono:

Tut! Tut! :nono:

Definately something wrong here :nono:

I feel sorry for them :nono:

That's what i'm talking about :laugh:
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41 - 41 of 507 Posts
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