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Best of Britain

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Inspired by that...'Wonders of Greece' Thread!

Not just beautiful buildings....but beautiful sights and pictures that sum up Britain in all its glory!

Feel free to add your own pics...I will be adding many more!

Houses of Parliment

St Ives Beach

Fourth Rail Bridge

Hadrians wall...75 miles Long...East Coast to West Coast

London Eye...New Years

Brgh Island

Tresco Scilly Isles

Eden Project Cornwall

Piccadilly Circus

Royal Pavillion Brighton
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Right then....lets take a trip up to Scotland shall we? (LANDSCAPE PICS)

Glen coe


Castle Stalker

Measach Falls (decided pic was too big for posting)

Ben Nevis Nevis1024.jpg (Too Big for Thread IMO)

Cullin Ridge & Hikers

Isle of Arran
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Blackpool...Europes Las Vegas

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Just going to the next page!

Manchester next...
OK....The main purpose of this thread was to but to rest false negative stereotypes that surround the UK...I guess i could try and solve another problem....many people wrongly see the UK as too centralised...which is by no means the case...

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Return to Manchester

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Kennedy Memorial...dont know why there is one im Birmingham


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I guess

Courtesy of some poster in the UK thread...the Holloway Circus Tower B'ham

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Liver Building....biggest clockface in the world!

For Seabass ;)

will add some later
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Whittle Arches Coventry

Timezone Clock....the lights in the ground

New Stadium U/C...opens this summer...will find some pics!

All in all...not bad for a small city!

Back to the non centralised Britain ;)

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Ok now....some of these pics might not be deemed 'best of Britain' just showing you that there are many great cities in the UK...and we arnt living in the past...the country isnt centralised!
Yes there are 1000's of plam tree's in southern England....and the water temp in the summer averages 20'C

On page 7...I think i'll get back to landscapes and the like!
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This page as 133 images on it.....too off to the next page
Few More...
...Manchester Airport next page!
And also back to top British landscapes!
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