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Once in a while I stumble on some really great photos of Tehran and I like to bookmark them or keep them somewhere. Esentially this thread is a selection of those pictures with a few snaps of my own. You may have probably visited the other Tehran thread in this section, it's quite expansive but somewhat vague when it comes to the cityscape of the city. In this thread I'll keep up the quality of the contents. Feel free to post if you've found something worth sharing too, just remember to keep the quality of the pictures on par.

Let's get started then

Tehran in HDR by aryapix, on Flickr

Cold like Crest toothpaste rubbed on your eyelids by Karim M, on Flickr

By Shapoor

By Shapoor


Tehran Skyline by AC84, on Flickr

Tehran by GlassyEyes, on Flickr

Tehran Winter Evening 2012 by ArPrime, on Flickr

Tehran highways by hanifoto, on Flickr

Miniature City by Alooche, on Flickr

Partly Cloudy by Alooche, on Flickr

IMG_5733 by "MEMOL", on Flickr

I'll update this place once in a while. Keep patient for good stuff : )
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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