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Which city has the best prospects for the future.... not including the almighty london of course...??

Let me start this of with Notts...

EASTSIDE CITY REDEVELOPMENT: A £900 million office scheme on a 13.7 hectare site - the largest city development in the UK. Includes 3 million sq. ft. of residential and 1.4 million sq. ft. of commercial space:

- £400 Million extension of the new tram network.

- £400 Million redevelopment of Broad marsh shopping centre

Waterfront Redevelopment: Over 100 hectares, stretching from the Eastside and along the north bank of the River Trent. One of the largest regeneration sites in the UK and the most important in the region, the Waterside is expected to attract at least £1.4 billion of investment during the next decade.

Southside Regeneration project inc. £100 redevelopment of the Train station.

Just to name a few....

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I never knew there was that much going on in Nottingham. It's quite exciting!

I think it's too early to tell, to be honest, because there are so many factors that could crop up at any time and there are still so many developments in the pipeline for British cities that we don't know about. I know of 1 tower in Birmingham that could make Brummies excited at least... Gothic has teased with a few numbers for Birmingham too.

Birmingham's Eastside is an exciting one. £6 billion was the figure for the amount of investment in the area - not sure what it is now.

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Wow, I didn't know about notts either, that 900m thing is quite good.

However, I think notts can be dismissed when compared with the core cities. The future plans for notts are what is already happening in the other cities and the future plans for the other cities are crazy huge, Brum has got the £6bn eastside, Liverpool has got the £4.5bn wirral waters aswell as the £5.5bn liverpool waters (by the way, are you sure its the biggest city development? liverpool's psda is over £1bn and huuge), and Manc has got media city.

I think its too hard to tell which city has the better prospects, you can tell from this forum that every city is booming and competing. But as things stand, i'd say manchester, their council love tall, and think big, and the London government seems to have picked its favourite child (not whining!). In the more distant future though, its anybody's guess.

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Here's a few of Liverpool's developments anyway...

Central Village

Two towers of 25 and 20 storeys forming the centrepiece of a £160 million apartment, hotel, professional, retail and leisure development of the land surrounding Central underground station between Bold Street and Ranelagh Street by developers Ballymore Properties and Merepark. Buildings of 9, 9 and 5 storeys also to be constructed. To include a water feature and new pedestrian and vehicular linkages. Planning permission obtained August 2006.

Location: Former Central High Level Station site.
Project Value: £160m.
Developer: Ballymore/Merepark
Architect: Woods Bagot
Commence: Early 2007

LIVERPOOL ONE (The Paradise Street Development Area)

The £1,000 million mainly retail development in central Liverpool billed as the largest regeneration project in Europe.

A £1,000 million plan for the transformation of the southern part of the city centre to provide 1 million square feet of retail space plus residential and media / commercial developments.

Completion: In stages up to and including 2008.

It would clog up the thread to put all the PSDA pics up, have a look here:

Kings Dock

There is also:
  • Lots of individual buildings
  • Princes dock
  • Baltic triangle
  • Liverpool waters
  • Wirral waters
  • Mann island
  • Rope walks
  • Pall Mall / St. Pauls square
  • Others which I forget but other people will remember!

FULL LIST OF DEVELOPMENTS - Take a look, there is so much going!

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The £1,000 million mainly retail development in central Liverpool billed as the largest regeneration project in Europe.
It's funny, Eastside is being billed as that too :|. Seems like developer's and contractors will do anything for a bit of publicity now...

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:lol: Millennium Point was first and Curzon Gate is currently under construction.

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Go to the brum forum and find the City Park Gate, Pinnacle/vertical theme park, Eastside City Park, Birmingham library, Martineau galleries and Masshouse threads, there may be more but I can't think of anymore off the top of my head.

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Erebus you little smart arse! :) Just because an area has a whopping great masterplan doesn't mean that it automatically becomes a £6bn project once the first apartment/office block goes up. The thing with the PSDA and the Notts thing is that they are wholesale redevelopments thrown up all at once, not piecemeal like Eastside, Liverpool & Wirral Waters or even Liverpools '£1bn' Baltic Triangle. 42 acres of Liverpool is one large PSDA building site.

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I think you should have just put up news about the new development in Nottingham Danz, rather than set in in that silly and confrontational way... it is bound to descend into another (yet another) one city bashing the rest whilst talking bullshit about how their metropolis rivals Shanghai!!!!!

Please trolls... try and not destroy this one? Keep the arguments to the other 4million threads with similar circular wankfests?

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I can't be bothered with pictures, and all these WILL happen, I'm not gonna bother with anything that probably wont. And these are just the large schemes too. There's multiple other buildings.

the Moor
- £750+ million,
- 3 million sqft (split pretty much 1:1:1 between retail, office and residential with a bit of leisure & car parking),
- 24 story tower proposed, should also see a 30ish story, and probably some others,
- Currently U/C

New Retail Quarter
- £500 million,
- 850,000 sqft of retail
- Also includes residential, office, leisure (and parking),
- Largest John Lewis in the North,
- 20-something story tower proposed,
- Preparation works are currently underway,

West Bar
- £400 million (increased from £315 million),
- 2 million sqft (increased from 1 million),
- 1 million sqft of office (up from 500,000),
- 170,000 sqft retail (up from 90,000),
- 700 appartments (up from 500),
- 4*/5* hotel,
- Should see 30, 25 and 20 story towers,
- Deal recently signed with council, should see planning applications by the end of june,

St Pauls Place
- About £170 million (can't remember),
- 200,000 sqft office,
- 170,000 sqft retail,
- 300+ appartments,
- (Car Park),
- 4* hotel (completed)
- 32 story tower,
- Currently U/C

Park Hill Flats
- £150 million,
- 700+ appartments
- 14 acres of retail,
- Office & Leisure,
- Deals signed, detailed planning application due soon,

- £110 million,
- 600,000 sqft office space,
- Currently U/C

There's loads of other schemes, to name a few:
- Velocity Living - ~200,000 sqft office & lots of appartments (U/C),
- The Square - ~200,000 sqft office U/C (plus office, hotel & parking already built),
- Lots of (mixed use) towers U/C - 30 (poss. 36) story, 22 story, 17 story, 15 story, 14 story
- More towers proposed,
- Office buildings,
- Appartments,
- Etc.

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Some major Leeds developments. A new Ian Simpson tower is being developed (in addition to Criterion and Lumiere) if anyone's interested.

Trinity Leeds (EMBT)

Eastgate Quarters (Terry Farrell)

Wellington Place/West End (MEPC)

Quarry Hill

Whitehall Riverside

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I suppose Manchester needs to be represented too...

Value: £1.5 billion
Office: 2.37m sq ft
Residential: 391 apartments
Hotel: 200 bed 5 star
Retail: Unknown
Status: Under construction

Value: Unknown
Office: 5 million sq ft
Residential: 1 million sq ft
Hotel: Unknown
Retail: 1 million sq ft
Status: Awaiting BBC contract

Value: £600 million
Office: 500,000 sq ft
Residential: 2.5 million sq ft
Hotel: Unknown
Retail: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Value: Unknown
Office: 150,000 sq ft
Residential: 2,000 apartments
Hotel: 200 bed
Retail: Unknown
Status: Under construction

Value: Unknown
Office: 350,000 sq ft
Residential: 167 apartments
Hotel: 284 bed
Retail: 25,000 sq ft
Status: Under construction

Value: £300 million+
Consists of: Super casino, new arena, large leisure pool, new marina, ice rink, hotel and apartments.
Size: 900,000 sq ft
Status: Awaiting Government approval

Value: £3.5 billion
Consists of: Expansion of Metrolink tram network from the current 37 stops to 115 stops, Construction of 12 new Park & Ride centres, Four new integrated transport interchanges, Five upgraded railway stations, Upgraded heavy and light rail rolling stock, 31 new segregated bus lanes and 2 new dedicated busways, 500 new yellow school buses, Integrated ticketing system, real time passenger information system and on-vehicle information systems throughout the city, Improved service integration to improve interchange, New bypass for Ashton-Under-Lyne, Third through platform at Manchester Piccadilly, Third platform at Manchester Airport.

Value: £1 billion
Size: 2.5 million sq ft
Status: Phase one under construction

Value: Unknown
Size: 3 million sq ft
Status: Phase one awaiting approval

I've tried to include all the truly large scale projects here, so much so that it doesn't even include our soon-to-be tallest! If I was to include everything it would have taken me forever.

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For Cardiff

St Davids 2 - 1.4 million square feet of retail space, New Library, New department store, and improvements to the public realm. £675 million, under construction

Bay Pointe - 2,200 apartments, 10 towers with the tallest 41 storeys, £500 million, approved but new design submitted

Sports village - A 50 metre swimming and leisure pool. An indoor skiing, snow boarding and ice sports centre. Rock climbing and all-action based sports. Olympic standard canoeing and white water rafting course. Facilities for judo, wrestling, boxing and fencing. Facilities for gymnastics. Shops, bars, restaurants, homes and offices and whatever goes on the casino site (hopefully something mega tall to go with Bay Pointe). £700 million, under construction

Cardif city stadium - 25,000 seat stadium (ability to increase to 30,000), Athletics stadium, 438,700 sq ft retail development. Infrustructure improvements. Around £100 million for the lot, under construction.

RAF St Athan (close to Cardiff, 13 miles i think) - largest project in the UK i guess, but i dont know much about it, though it will have a significant impact on Cardiff it wont change the city physically i dont think.

Morley’s £140m development at Cardiff Waterside - im not sure on this one, think its offices

Other large projects in the near future are:

Central square - new civic square, central bus station (airport style), and then possible shops, apartments and office space. Maybe a refurb / enlargment of the station as well (also a possible site for the convention center). Highlighted in the city center strategy of the council, though i doubt it will start before the end of St Davids 2 due to disruption.

Callaghan square - around 500,000 square feet of office space when all finnished aparently (other office developments in the area will push this up to 1 million square feet, though i think some of it will become apartments and a hotel depending on take up of stages). First stage completed (175,000 square feet), second stage under construction (190,000 square feet). This all must come to over £100 million along with the square i would guess.

Convention center - rumored to go on the site of Cardiff arms park next to the Millennium stadium as the rugby and football clubs are rumured to be sharing the new stadium.

Roath Basin south side - 15.6 hectares, The approved scheme includes 1,010 residential units, 1.2 million sq ft office space, 120,000 sq ft of retail and waterside leisure uses, some 3,000 parking spaces, public open space, landscaping and reclamation works. The proposals also include the highway network for Roath Basin South and improvements to the surrounding highway infrastructure including the new gyratory at Queensgate, plus a new outer lock bridge crossing from Harbour Drive.

There are talks of a large housing estate to the north west of the city, looks to be pretty huge.

And for a long shot the Severn barrage - possibly not ever going to happen, but it has been considered seriously for the first time. £10 billion - £15billion, who knows! lol

These are all the projects i could think of over £100 million, of course there are smaller ones
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