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best rooftop swimming pools in Singapore?

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can someone tell me what is in their opinion the best rooftop (or above ground) swimming pools in Singapore?

photos welcome

also does anyone have any pictures and prices for penthouses in Singapore?

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Gallery Hotel has a nice over hanging swimming pool with a bar:

(the swimming pool can be seen on the left of the pic)

Studio Three (condominium on Shanghai Road) also has a nice one.

(here on the right).

I think the most spectacular one is The Arris', near Tanjong Pagar. Sorry I don't have a pic where it can be seen but here's the building:

As far as I know, the largest hotel swimming pool is Grand Plaza Park Royal's, but even though it's rooftop the view is nothing great. I've seen the Novotel (ex-New Otani) one, also quite nice and with a good view. I never went to Marriot's but the location sure is nice so this one might be good too :)

For penthouses, you should look for International Plaza penthouse thread somewhere on the forum. It is currently the highest one in Singapore and has amazingly spectacular views. But no swimming pool (there's one around 20th or 30th floor of the building, indoor). There was one available for rent some time ago, now I don't know. Price was SGD7000/mth.
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