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We all gather in venues for special events such as sport games, and concerts. Venues bring us together, and this is our tribute to the best venues of Eastern Europe.

In this thread, we will nominate our venues.

Nominating Guidelines:
  1. Note: a venue is a place where an event such as a sports competition or a concert is held, especially one where events are often held. We are not looking for opera theatres, or outdoor stadiums.
  2. Make sure to include the official name of the nomination, as well as where it is located - city, and country.
  3. All nominations require pictures to accompany them. Post pictures only, not links to websites with pictures. Post only the best pictures that represent your nomination accurately, and in the best way possible. Avoid posting large pictures or panoramas, instead include links to them.
  4. Only two (2) nominees per country are allowed. Therefore, choose only the most distinctive, exceptional nominees. Basically, the best in the country! It's a good idea to discuss the nominations with your fellow countrymen, and posters, so that everyone comes to an agreement about what should be nominated. If more nominees are posted per country, only the first two will be considered.
  5. Since there are only 15 spots on the poll, the first 15 valid nominations will be submitted. To avoid disappointment, post your nominations as early as possible. To make sure that your nominations are not late, you can even post the nomination without any pictures first, and edit your post later. Another suggestion is to edit your old posts, instead of creating new posts, so you can keep your original position.
  6. The guidelines are here to make sure that everyone enjoys this installation, while keeping it fair - please follow them.
  7. Enjoy! :)

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name: Hala Ludowa
city: Wroclaw
biuld: 1913
capacity: 4000-7000 people

It was the bigest such construction in the world when it was opened.


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CEZ Arena in Ostrava, Czech Rep.
Opened in 1986, modernized 2003-04 for The World Hockey Championship 2004
Max. capacity: Concerts 12 000, Hockey 9600 seats , 18 sky boxes

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