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Bicycle Parking

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Show the bicycle parking solutions in your city, or anywhere in the world if they are interesting enough.

We can also talk about how you prefer to park your bicycle, do you simply park it anywhere you like? Or do you prefer to park it on the designated spots or at guarded bicycle parking station?
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Most of these seem like excuses to make you pay for parking your bike. The reason I ride a bicycle is that it comes off cheaper than any other mode of transport, so I would avoid things like this if they existed in my town.
If your town is safe enough that you can simply lock your bike onto a rail, they are really useless (sort of...).

In Tokyo I came across this underground bicycle parking system, it's quite nifty.

WOW! That is really, really clever.
Why do they always have to humiliate the rest of us? :D
Yeah that would not work at say.. My school :D

Unless that thing can handle 2.000 bikes within about 20 mins. :lol:

Still a great idea though. Especially for around train stations.
in case of this station in tokyo suburb ,200*36 towers and Max 9400 bicycles ..

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Here's more bike parking areas I've seen around the Bay Area... from my Flickr collection.

19th Street/Downtown Oakland BART Station

DSC00705 by anthonynachor, on Flickr

DSC00706 by anthonynachor, on Flickr

DSC00708 by anthonynachor, on Flickr

El Cerrito Plaza BART Station

DSC09444 by anthonynachor, on Flickr

DSC09415 by anthonynachor, on Flickr

Montgomery BART Station

DSC00807 by anthonynachor, on Flickr

Richmond BART Station

DSC01125 by anthonynachor, on Flickr

UC Berkeley

DSC01048 by anthonynachor, on Flickr

DSC00520 by anthonynachor, on Flickr

DSC00522 by anthonynachor, on Flickr
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This weekend I will post some pictures of my street. There are some interesting bicycle parkings.
In the UK nobody rides a bike they all drive. They all complain about the cost of fuel and how fat they are and when you mention cyclists the usual response is 'I hate cyclists'. Well at least the cyclist doesn't routinely kill people directly and indirectly.

Where are all these cyclists in your pictures I'd like to join them ;-)
In the UK nobody rides a bike they all drive. They all complain about the cost of fuel and how fat they are and when you mention cyclists the usual response is 'I hate cyclists'. Well at least the cyclist doesn't routinely kill people directly and indirectly.
Depends on where you drive I guess. London, UK
Video by

But yeah, there are plenty of clips from the UK with not-so-friendly drivers.
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Here's the bike parking at my school. It's one of 3 locations. It has an upper and lower deck. My school has 2600 students, and a big majority comes by bike. Every student has a spot for his own.<video>
Going through my video archive I found this clip from a wednesday (= 9th hour class = last of the school to leave)
This gives you more perspective as to how big it is. Note that this consists of 2 levels. On video is the top level.

Besides this one there are 2 more smaller locations.
Here and here

And to compare that with cars. There are about 70 parking spots for teachers (some of them drive 50 kms to school) on a guarded parking area where you can only come in with a pass. Other than that, about 10 cars can park at the school area and everyone else has to park on the side of roads, where you have to pay.
Welcome to The Netherlands :) ;)
In Lipetsk, Russia. This is the first true bikeracks in my city

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I'm qouting myself from the 'cycling in the Netherlands' forum since it pretty much also belongs here. I think the first video is really interesting. It's not just about a the parkings as objects, it's also about the parkings as part of a functional cycling infrastructure.

About parking your bike:

Having a extensive bicycle infrastructure does not mean everything's without problems.

The bicycle parking in front of the trainstation of Groningen is actually an interresting piece of 3d landscape architecture, by KCAP-Architects:
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A (car) parking space being used for bicycle parking in Malmö, Sweden.

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Not related but nice story

‘A great big fat... SORRY!’: Cyclist who wrote note telling thief to give her bicycle back is amazed when it is returned with an apology

Read more:
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To ride your bicycle to the station has become much more practical in Toride, Ibaraki.

Cycle Station Toride

architects: Koichikawa Architects
year: 2014
location: Toride Station, Ibaraki pref.

This mixed conventional / automatic bicycle parking has been constructed at Toride Station on the TJ Joban Line in Ibaraki. The lower part of the building is a conventional bicycle parking, on top of it's a metal covered box housing a fully automated cycle station.

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That the best parking i've ever seen, Japanese are genius.
I love the automatic bike storage facilities from Japan, but it probably only works for standard bikes. In Holland you see a lot of bikes with big baskets in front, they wouldn't fit in. Maybe children's bikes are a challenge too, or does that still work?

But I guess they could work very well as docking stations for a bikeshare system.

Another link between this topic and bikesharing: one of the benefits of having a bikeshare system is that you need less parking space. Shared bikes are on the move much of the time (if the system functions well), so demand for bike parking is lower. Saves a lot of money!
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