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For your weekend viewing: hope this thread might produce a bit of drama - in fact a bit of everything, as you may see...

Charles Chauvel's last film, the 1955 'Jedda' was the first Australian-produced film in colour ('Kangaroo,' by an American, was three years earlier) - and 'Jedda' was the first to star aboriginal people in leading roles (Robert Tudawali and Ngarla Kunoth).

The climactic cliff-top death scene was initially filmed at the Katherine Gorge, but the film footage was lost in a plane crash. It was re-shot at Kanangra Walls, on the western escarpments of the Blue Mountains.

but this bluff over the Katherine Gorge is still called 'Jedda Rock,' and tourists are still told it is where the film ended

maybe this is Australia's most famous/infamous cliff face - The Gap, at Watson's Bay on an outer indentation of Sydney's South Head. Too many stories have ended tragically at this beautiful place...somehow the rockshelf below seems stained with sadness every time I see it.

lloydi, on flickr

The great sea cliffs of North Head are opposite. The area contains the School of Artillery and many old World War 11 gun emplacements. Taking a clifftop stroll, not sure if this babe's walking boots are from Paddy Palins.

by Lee H., from flickr

Doing it just a touch harder up the Peroxide Blonde face at the top of The Horn at Mt Buffalo, Victoria

Will Monks, Chockstone Photography

The Gorge, a 270m drop from Bent's Lookout, Mt Buffalo - little people just visible on top ...also from Chockstone

Who said anything about the 'glass ceiling' ?

North Wall at Mt Buffalo from Pulpit Rock . Victorian climbers claim the North Wall to be the best sheer wall climb in Australia: Chockstone Photography

Basically this guy's a show-off. You can tell by his pants...
Steve Monks of Chockstone at Mt Arapiles in Victoria:

Another one! What are these guys trying to reach ??


Aha! The Rock Climber's Dream. We're back on Sydney's North Head, and more walking boots by Paddy Palins I'm thinking. (Lee H. flickr)

This the the Werribee Gorge at Bacchus Marsh, just outside Melbourne

(Phil Neville, Chockstone)

Bard Buttress, Mt Aripiles, Victoria (Chockstone)

Also viewed from nearby Tiger Wall (Chockstone)

Final abseil, Ben Nevis, Mt Cole National Park, Victoria

Emu Rock, main face, Victoria range in the Grampians (Chockstone)

Flame Wall in the Grampians, Vic (Chockstone)

another Mr Stapylton Ampitheatre, The Grampians

piece of cake ...the Eureka Wall in the Grampians
(by Neil Monteith, Chockstone)

A long way to the top

Flame Wall in the Grampians . by Neil Monteith

same area, same photographer ...

and another social climber. I think this place is called Bad Moon Rising Wall (Chockstone)

that's it, Bronte

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You forgot the petrified remains of Jebus's followers, all images are from their respective wikipedia pages(left click on image for url):

Here's Kathie's Gorge again:


Oh ma Lordee, lookee here
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I've climbed at Mt Arapiles before. Let me tell you, real rock is hell on your hands compared with the indoor stuff.
waal then, I take my hat off to you Leon I've joked about it, but as a relative acrophobiac these folks are doing things I can barely conceive of, nor imagine the amount of
grit, preparation, fitness and experience required.

here's a link to the Chockstone Photography climbing locations : some amazing scenery and sights: follow the prompts and it will come up with a complete list of climbing sites and photographs around Victoria

Broadie, I wondered if this was the right place for this thread - but we seem to have established some tradition of 'natural' skyscrapers here . I'm happy enough if the mod thinks it should move to Skybar, whatever.

This is Taipan wall in the Grampians:


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Lets not forget some of the most notable cliffs in the country? due to their location!!!

Kangaroo Point

Canarvon George north of Brisbane is alright. Mt Stuart in townsville also has some big cliff faces.

This is from China, Mt Shaoshi when I was there in Feb-Apr

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Some cliffs from my vault

Sunshine Coast hinterland

Cape Byron

Highway north of Sydney

South Head

Brisbane Petrie Bight
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