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Lima, Peru

One architectural style usually unites the big public and private palaces of Lima: the colonial revival of Lima. That is the case of the Palace of the Government of Peru, whoโ€™s also mixed with a strong influence of the baroque. He is part of a set of several gorgeous buildings in front of the Plaza Mayor, specially the Archbishopโ€™s Palace and the Municipal Palace, who also adds two main characteristics of the style: the wooden balconies and the yellow painting of the facade. A few blocks away, in front of the Paseo de los Hรฉroes Navales, lies the Palace of Justice, who brakes this logic and utilizes the neoclassic style (often used by the Justice System in the whole world). Also in front of the same park is the Rรญmac Building (or Roosevelt House), with an outstanding french academicism, a style that is very rare to see in the country. And finally, at Miraflores, the famous Municipality, who serves as a cultural focus of the district and who also gets back to the colonial revival that distinguish the city.

Palace of Justice:

Rimac Building/Roosevelt House:

National Club:

House of the Government:

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