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Sadly this is a real issue and one that exists in many countries. Solutions? I can't really think of one. I don't think a regional league is the solution - for Steaua Bucharest for example it's much more interesting to play against Dinamo, Rapid, Timisoara and Craiova than playing against Partizan Belgrade, FC Sarajevo, Vardar Skopje, etc. EDIT: maybe that's because Romania is a bigger country and the idea would still work in countries with just two major clubs).

One small country with a vibrant league and support is Holland. What is the secret of the Dutch model and could it be implemented in Croatia, Serbia etc? If the supporter culture is the problem, then it's not good - supporter culture changes very slow. Even in Portugal the supporter culture hasn't changed for decades, almost everybody supports one of the three major clubs (actually I think it's mostly support for Benfica and Porto and a bit for Sporting and recently Braga).
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