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Big Ten Developments

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As a former Big Ten student, unfortunately not graduate (I graduated from a Pac 10 school); I thought it would be kind of fun to start a thread where we could share and converse on the different additions and developments going on at the 11 different Big Ten schools. Discuss anything from stadiums to research facilities to classrooms, dorms or any type of renovations. Hopefully we can get a lot of great pictures and renderings of the current campuses and future visions for them.
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At Indiana, there is:

1) North Endzone project- a major renovation/expansion to Memorial Stadium including the largest collegiate weight room in the country

2) Basketball Development Center- a new practice facility for the men's and women's basketball teams with an underground connection to Assembly Hall.

3) New Ashton Student Housing

4) New business incubator facility

5) A recently completed cyber-security building housing all of IU's servers and key IT hardware. Supposedly the structure is tornado-proof.

Here is a link to the real-time, controllable webcams where you can see the above mentioned buildings:
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