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Bird Sanctuary for Northern Governorate

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Hi, well that are is finally gettin somethin nice, and hopefully many more will come up, enjoy:

INVESTMENTS worth more than BD6 million have been given the go-ahead by the Northern Municipal Council.

The aim is to attract more investors into the Northern Governorate as a first step towards turning the area into a business haven.

The council gave the green light for six projects in its fifth and sixth constituencies, which include Janabiya and Saar.

The projects are worth BD6.2m and include a coffee shop, a theatre, gardens and playgrounds, shops, car parks, a zoo and a bird sanctuary.

"The plan was originally to establish a bird sanctuary in the Northern area which would be new to Bahrain," said Northern Municipal Council chairman Majeed Al Sayed.

"It would be just like the ones found in Far East with birds and some small animals.

"Apart from it being a suitable retreat for people of all ages, it would also help preserve nature, which we feel is our responsibility since the Northern area is the last remaining green pocket in Bahrain."

But such investments serve more than one goal, said Mr Al Sayed. "It would get money pumping into the governorate. which would allow us to elevate the level of services and, in the long run, achieve more prosperity to the area," he said.

"We have a clear plan towards attracting investors.

"We are even willing to give them incentives with regards to regulations and municipal fees.

"The Capital Governorate is saturated with investments, so naturally businessmen would approach the Northern Governorate with their projects."
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cooool, when is the work on the project will start?
Good to hear...Budaiya (where i live), Saar, and Janabeya and that whole area in general has been sorta neglected...Needs more attention...Needs to be more urbanized...Got lots of potential!
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