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Got permission to photograph this place today, felt it right to capture it before it gets turned into student flats or what not.

As much as I know you lot like your new builds, imo it will be a disgrace to see this place get converted, the art decor is fantastic...


From the front, you are met with 11 Big Red Bay Doors which allowed the engines out to an emergency, the building was built in 1934 and the architecture is to die for.

A shame that in time, not so far in the future, the building will be knocked down, saving only the red doors and the clock tower which will be incorporated into a new mixed use building (but mostly student housing).

The fire station was decommissioned in December 2008 and moved down the road about 2 miles away to a brand new state-of-the-art building that can work well with current technologies.

West Midland Fire Service spent 12 months consulting with B'ham City Council for the best use of the building after they left.

The building still has a lot of character, even though most of the rooms are empty offices. On the top floor of the main building, there is something that you would not expect to see when looking at it from the outside (see pictures)

Many of the floors are wood laid, creaking as you walk on them. There are underground tunnels that were used for training and as with all fire stations, a training tower (locked :( )

This site was used not so long ago by the BBC for filming of the new series of Survivors.

For a bit more on the building, this is a good site to read...

Anyway, nuff babble, onto the images.

All the doors to the pole were locked, so I could only get a shot from the bottom, no ride in the fireman's pole for me

Fire Service Carpet :D


Through these doors was something I really wasn't expecting to see...

An old band photo...

Control Room...

Views from the tower, the clock was sealed away...

B.A. Storage area...

Tunnel training instructions...

Hi Hiiii

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