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Birmingham - London, 'New rail link under consideration'

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This sounds good! I just hope they connect it through London - Stratford International and not London - St. Pancras to make through trains Birmingham - Paris possible.
Double-decker trains, to cut journeys between London and Birmingham to 45 minutes, are being considered.

A link is suggested with Eurostar, bypassing central London

The Department for Transport is looking at plans for a new 190mph (305km/h) link from near the new Channel Tunnel terminus in London to the Midlands. Costing £15bn, the link would enable Midlands travellers to reach Paris in three hours, bypassing central London.

The BBC's Midlands Transport Correspondent, Peter Plisner, said raising the money would not be easy. He said the initial cost would inevitably escalate to billions of pounds more.

Heathrow tunnel

He added: "After initial disappointment when Eurostar was launched that Midlanders could not go direct to the continent on the train, this plan could finally allow this to happen."

The line would have the opportunity to extend at each end - to Heathrow, via a five-mile tunnel, and to Manchester.

The plan was first envisaged by Greengauge 21, a group of rail industry leaders, and is being looked at in Whitehall. It is estimated the new line would take at least 15 years to complete.

A spokesperson for the Department for Transport confirmed the scheme was among those being considered but added that £8bn was being spent on the west coast main line upgrade, which would be completed next year. "That will set the standard on that line to 2020," he said.

"We are not ruling out any projects at present, but we will be making a major announcement about the future of railway services next month," he said. "Until then we cannot comment any further."
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You're obviously not understanding the Governments thinking. In Government land spending £15bn on a 190 mph route that only goes from London to Birmingham is better than spending £18bn on a 310 mph maglev route which would connect London (Stratford) to Edinburgh. It's brilliant logic that only the most intelligent can understand.
If you're spending those sort of sums, I would of thought maglev would be a much better option.
The UK Ultraspeed plan is to have a station at Stratford or the Thames Gateway if i'm not mistaken. So simply a case of changing from 1 to the other when you get there.
There would be no connectivity to HS1 and on to Europe :bash:
With all due respect I couldnt give a stuff about what the people from the 'Heartland' want. I'd much rather see a system being built that would benefit the whole country which is what the maglev would do.
This is exactly what most of the forumers from the "Heartland" have been objecting too for the last ten or more years. They were promised through connections when the Channel Tunnel was approved.

Just because you want to play with innovative and speculative technology, does not permit you to deny the "Heartlanders their right to a through connection to Europe
Sorry but how is appealing to the people of the Midlands as well as the North and Scotland appealing to a minority of people? I'm talking about a system that will link London (and conversely Europe if a station is built at Stratford)with Glasgow and the millions of people inbetween rather than a route which will just link Birmingham to Stratford. That seems like common sense to me...
That's a rather silly thing to say considering it's people in the heartland who'll be making up a large percentage of a HSR's passenger base.

Basically you think a multi-billion pound transport network should be aimed at the needs of a minority of people?
I couldn't give a stuff what the people of the heartlands want in terms of thinking they have a 'Divine Right' to be connected to Europe. Having a maglev that serves the main spine of the country also serves the Midlands is surely a better option. And yes I agree such a system should be built in phases, but why persist with 19th/20th century technology when we have the chance to use something for the 21st century that significantly improves the time it takes to get to our major cities? If we build a HSR railway in stages throughout the country in 50 years time we'll be scratching our heads at our then outdated and antiquated HSR route while the rest of the world has moved onto using Maglevs as there main form of cross country transport.
And i'm afraid you're not going to convince me that £15 billion is the right price to pay to connect one part of the country to Europe when we could spend a little bit more and build a whole faster line to Glasgow serving most of the major cities along route. But we'll leave it at that.
Please spare me the pro-maglev spiel, you're not going to convince me it's the best option and I'm not going to try and convince you it's not so we may aswell stay clear of that debate.

Besides this is based on a news story about looking into the possibility of a High Speed Railway between London and Birmingham.

The tax and fare payers have every right to have their needs served by such a project and one of those needs just happens to be a connection to the rest of Europe.
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