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Birmingham UK, Skyline

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The UK arent exactly reknowned for its Skylines, but what do you think of Birminghams? :)

Birmingham from Mosely, and this is with most of the skyline missing :cheers:

This is what it looks like from the Front

and from the Back - Minus HCT and quite a few others

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All 3 are different angles :cheers:
goschio said:
With the upcoming projects, height shouldn't be a problem anymore. But it needs more density. This seems to be a very favorable angle.
Yeh, cunning ;) :) - Good old Brummies using thier brains
Peyre said:
Brum is lucky that its centre is on a hill, so things look taller than they are. HCT is 130m (122m to the roof) and it looks like a 190m building.
So knowbody has an oppinion on it? :(


antonyj11 said:
Buildings look good but more density would be nice...I see lots of cranes in the pictures though....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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