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Black Seattle

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Welcome to Seattle's Central District or as locals call the CD or the Central Area. This is the area where the majority of Seattle's african american community lives. At one time Seattle had the 2nd highest percentage of blacks on the west coast. Most migrated from the south during the 40's and the 50's for a better life and to work in the Boeing plants. They came by the thousands mostly from Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Georgia. The Central District is being gentrified as we speak. The CD is one of Seattle's hottest areas for real estate. New coffee houses, restaurants and businesses are coming along with developers buying up homes, tearing them down and building clusters of townhouses and condos. Minutes from downtown Seattle to the west and Lake Washington to the east, everyone wants a part of this changing community.

The house Jimi Hendrix lived in as a child.

...and the high school he attended. Garfield High School

The largest black congregation in the state. Mount Zion.

Two friends of mine (twins) own the Kingfish Cafe. The food is too good.

They have great old black and white family photos in the restaurant including Langston Hughes.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park

The new construction housing boom

Fixing up the old.

New businesses

....and some things remaining the same

Hope you enjoyed the tour. :)
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Great tour. Glad that the area is being rejuvinated. Hopefully they will retain some of the area's past tho, as it looks like a hood with a history.
The best tour i'v ever seen in SSC. Keep goin' Pwright !
Very nice. Full of life. Great pics and thread :applause:
Yes I agree with ICHO....great fooking tour man! :uh:

This is thread of the month for sure! :yes:

Thanks for showing me what Jimis house looks go find Kurts! :D
Yes, and thanks for the compliments. :)
super cool. what a lush little pocket of seattle.
really nice
Great pictures pwright1!!! :cheers1:

Do you know how much it cost to buy an older home in that area?

Cheers!! :cucumber:
^^Anywhere from the mid 200's for a small fixer upper bungalow(and I do mean fixer upper) to well over $500,000 for a larger older 3 story needing some repair. Here is a 1901 needing some work. The price is $450,000.

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Great tour! While at FAMU, a young man from Garfield High School tried out for the marching band with me.
Excellent pictures. Thanks for posting them.
Very Nice area. I hope it keeps it culture and demographic
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