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Just a collection of a few of the photos that I took throughout last month, whilst prowling the streets of downtown Toronto aimlessly over several days.

If you are interested, you can find my older black and white photos here, along with the photos you see here. All my colour photos (including some from April) emphasize the buildings more and the people less, and they can be found here.


Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) building, south exterior

The Grange

Beverly Street

John Street and Financial District skyline

China Arts City (Chinatown)

Archway over dry pond (Nathan Philips Square)

Spot shadow

Tree and light on OCAD building

Street wall art depicting giant disembodied head

Man walking behind tree (Financial District)

Canada geese in Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre (again)

Dundas Street West evening glow

438 University Avenue with illusionary tilt

Reconstruction at Yonge and Gould streets

Pedestrians along Yonge Street

Lone pigeon

Rush hour traffic on College Street

Pedestrians along Spadina Avenue

Man taking photo along Spadina

Thanks for looking!

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Very artistic. Though not enough skyscrapers :)
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