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Blue Mountains Bus Co is the worst bus company ever

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I was snooping around on (Blue Mountains Bus Company), and noticed that the 693(?) from Springwood Station to Bee Farm Road runs TWICE DAILY :lol:

Virtually no-where has even an hourly service (except for a few routes). No wonder nobody uses the buses there.

Also, having family in the Mountains, I have caught them a few times, and I find the bus drivers to be absolute pricks. Mostly grumpy old men.
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Bus drivers get to meet the classiest people in the world and the law protects them, not the driver so if you meet a grumpy bus driver give him a beer and say sorry. For $20 an hour these guys get shat on all day by everything around them, cars, people, angry drunks, fuckers tossing rocks through windows, teenage fuckwits scratching the windows ($2,600) while his friends mark every surface with tags, vomiting gits and dumb bitches who yell when shit does not go their way,toss trash on the floor, spill beer and coke and leave chips wedged between seats. The further out from the city you go the worse it gets. Mud people!

The back of any bus is called the monkey cage for a reason...

As for the owner of the bus company, well he probably drives a quarter million dollar car paid for by us, he smiles to his drivers while cutting wages and lifting a few dollars from their pockets. So yes, give the driver the benefit of the doubt because he IS getting shat on from everyone.

Even the 902 / 901 can't find enough drivers, wages suck, big brother is watching you and not just the people and unlike a car, if you do **** up you get to see a prison...
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Ever been to Bee Farm Road? Not really a lot out there to require a regular bus service. Pretty lucky that the long 15 minute round trip even gets any attention. 692 is an important service however, linking one of the few areas with a decent population and no train station (Winmalee) to the train line, plus school services.
As for BMBC being the worst company, if they haven't killed people due to criminal neglect then they are a okay.

Also have fun back at school.
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Just wait until their new maglev bus to somewhere suitably unimportant starts up.
Maglev bus from Bell to Wondabyne /ffs
Maglev bus from Bell to Wondabyne /ffs
Will it stop at Zig Zag!!!?!?!111!
Nearly everywhere in the Blue Mountains is within the narrow corridor that follows the railway & highway, they only really need a couple of core (feeder) routes anyway in terms of potentially useful services.

And Bee Farm Rd looks so dense:,165.78,,0,4.4
Bullaburra to Penrith in 14 minutes.
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