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Ashland, Kentucky is a principal city along the Ohio River in Boyd County, with its early growth coming from the development of early mills and foundries in the region.*During the 20th century, the region developed into an industrial powerhouse.*Ashland was headquarters to Ashland Oil, which later became Ashland Inc., and was also home to Armco's Ashland Works,*Allied Chemical and Dye Company Semet-Solvay Division, and several other mills and operations, and the immense wealth that was created led to a stable middle class developing in the city.

1600 Central Avenue was once located at 17th and Winchester in downtown, and was relocated in the early 1900s.

An Art Deco-inspired apartment building in need of TLC at Lexington Avenue and 22nd Street.

Rogers Court is located along Lexington Avenue and consists of 13 architecturally diverse residences.*Aerial via Google Maps*»

Windsor Court is similar and also consists of 13 residences.*Aerial via Google Maps*»

Residences along Lexington Avenue.

A newer residence at Lexington and Prospect Avenue.

A historic house at Prospect Avenue and Chestnut Drive. This house was neglected for a number of years and has been restored.

1400 Montgomery Avenue

1412 Montgomery Avenue

The Bath Avenue Historic District stretches from 13th to 17th Streets along Bath Avenue. The architectural style is mostly late Victorian and late 19th- and early 20th-century revivals, with periods of significance in 1856, 1877 and 1905. Other photographs from Montgomery Street and various side roads are included.

Corner of Bath Avenue and 13th Street.

1420 Bath Avenue

1504 Bath Avenue

Mayo Mansion at Bath Avenue and 16th Street.

1608 Bath Avenue

1612 Bath Avenue

1616 Bath Avenue

Administration Building at King's Daughter Medical Center along Lexington Avenue.

Medical Arts Building at King's Daughter Medical Center along Lexington Avenue.

King's Daughter Medical Center along Lexington Avenue.

Kentucky National Guard, with a cornerstone laid in 1948, along Lexington Avenue.

Central Park is the largest park in Ashland, and is 47 acres large with over 1,100 trees. It was sold to the city by the Kentucky Iron, Coal and Manufacturing Company for $32,500 in 1900. It consisted of a horse-racing track until August 1923.


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Pretty town

Though I've never really considered Northern KY as part of the SE, it just has too many influences from Ohio and the Midwest from what I've experienced.

But we all have our own definitions of what's Southern and what's not.
Of course regional border cities and towns have cultural influences from neighboring regions, but I've never understood why some people think that excludes them from their region - and this is really only true of southern border cities and towns. It's like if a small aspect of an area is not stereotypically southern, people try to put it somewhere else. The South is a widely diverse region with all kinds of different cultures, ranging from Texas to New Orleans to Miami to Memphis to Louisville to the mountain and coastal areas etc. etc. etc. None of them are exactly the same.

Beautiful photos of a beautiful southern town. :)
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