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Hello, exuse me that this thread is in English.

Could some one give me some insight into whats the lattest developements with Banca Monte dei Paschi.

The stock should be trading any day now after being shut for over eight months.

Any idea what the opening price of the stock will be, and what highs, and lows we can expect.

Thanks in advance.
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hi noir-dresses. Are you a shareholder of Monte dei Paschi? A bondholder?
Yes, just wanted to see whats going on, there has been no trading now over ten months. Ive heard trading should open this month.

How are you holding up in the bond department?

Hows the overall sentiment in Italy regarding BMP, can you see a positive out come, or are we going to get screwed?
I'm very sorry to say that, dear noir-dresses, but I believe that you'll have severe losses over your investment in BMP.
Bondholders will probably recover half of the former nominal value, shareholders will probably recover just a 33% or less of the last stock quotes (it was 21 EUR, if I remember correctly).
Anyway, these are just my personal predictions, and I would be glad to be denied on that! I'm just a guy who invests his savings, I'm not a high finance guru, and I really wish you to recover a lot more than I think is likely to happen.
By the way, "the time to buy is when there's blood in the streets". The stock market of Italian banks now is underrated because of the reputation of poor solidity, after the BMP mess.

Look at these numbers. This is the history of the Intesa San Paolo's dividend payout. It has an interesting 6,3% dividend yield, at this moment. It is a far more solid bank than BMP, and it's a good opportunity to keep diversified your investment portfolio. Feel free to dismiss this advice.
Remember, keep your investment portfolio diversified, splitted in half with high standard bonds and half in common stock, in at least 10 to 15 companies, always with a reliable dividend payout history and their funding obtained at least 50% from its bondholders rather than by bank loans. And follow strictly a dollar cost average policy. In this way you will minimize the risk of other troubles like BMP
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Thanks for insight, lve already priced in my potential loses, but hoping for the best.

Last year l did very well with Uni Credit, and Carriage so ltalian banks did well so far for me.

I even feel BMP will do OK in the ong run, but lets see what the opening price will be, and direction it will take.

I also did really well with oil last year.

Bitcoin l love for now.

Probably gonna start trading again on monday, price should be around € 4.20, with the state owning roughly half of the bank

They just sold 21 billions of NPL btw
You need to be proud of your Monte dei Paschi investment.

In Italy we say ‘oggi giorno se non hai non performing loans non sei nessuno’ [nowdays if you do not owe non performing loans you are not an importan person].

You now qualify to run as CEO of Alitalia.
I am honoured to have discoveted the Italian way of thing.😂
Early indicators are showing an opening price of 13.7 Euro for starters.
Is there any news regarding the bank?
Yeah it's not opening on monday because the regulatory body (CONSOB) said so.

Probably opening on friday or the week after at 4.3€
Trading will officially start tomorrow the 25th of October 2017.
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