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BMX's Take Over the City

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With the sun out the centre of Brum looks great and has got a really great feel to it today.

This has been added to but the hundreds of BMX'ers from all over the world in town for the Word Championships. They are everywhere! Didn't know anything about it but it's another great event the city should be shouting from the roof-tops about..

Events like this (and the dance festival last week which didn't get any publicity either) gives the city real credibility/coolness/call it what you will...
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Yeah it annoys me when our events are shunned by the national media. For example, the Walk For Harry a couple of Sundays ago got zilch but when I opened up the i newspaper on the Monday after, there was a spread on a Hyde Park walk for cancer.
I mentioned this last week...

Anyway, if you're in town today you can go watch the practice for free. The under 16s are racing tomorrow and then the seniors start Friday. The French kid staying with me is a 13-year-old called Loris Moret, he races tomorrow.

I can't find any TV coverage anywhere, if it was in Manchester or London it would be on the BBC no doubt.

It's only the biggest BMX event of the year, even our very own Shanaze Reade (3x world champion) says that the Birmingham event is bigger than the olympics. There are over 2,000 competitors from 34 countries, so about an extra 7,500 people in town....
Stumbled across this promo video featuring a BMX ride from Perry Park to the NIA:

It's not even been promoted across the city anywhere. Not seen any billboards, banners etc... Shame.
Yep, as JayPeeDee says, hosting this event is actually a pretty big deal. It's more than a little disappointing that it will pass by completely unbeknownst to most people in the city.
The next BMX world championships are in Auckland. They have a stand at the NIA promoting it.

My little French friend, on finding out where it was next time round, told his dad to book the flights now because they would be cheap. His dad told him he wasn't going.... :lol:
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