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Haven't seen a Bolton thread on here so don't mind me if I make one.

I had never visted Bolton before 2 weeks ago when I stopped off on the train home from Preston and I have to say I was quite impressed. The town centre had some really grand buildings and pleasent pedestrian zones, much more impressive than other lancashire towns such as Bury, Preston, Wigan, Oldham etc. More on a par with a Nottingham or a Newcastle I thought. There also seemed to be a pleasent array of restaurants, shops and pubs and even though it was a Sunday night there was a bit of a buzz and confidence about the place.

Has anyone got any pictures or have any development news for Bolton? I think it might suffer not being on the mainline to London but having a new university must help if it can grow like Preston's has. Other than that I didnt really see outside of the city centre but Im sure it has deprivation like anywhere else. Farnworth reminded me of Cheetham Hill or a larger Rusholme. And the bus station could do with some work. But the actual town centre itself was a really pleasent place to spend some time. Even the 70's buildings didnt let it down like they do in Ashton or Preston.

One thing Im dissapointed about is how far the football stadium is from the centre. Its a wonderful piece of architecture and if it had been located near the centre it might have have taken the centre into premier league heights (pardon the pun) anyway I'll try to find some pictures myself.

Any thoughts?
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These pictures are mostly 10 years old.

Town Hall:

Shopping district:


Victoria Sq:

General around city centre:

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I really think Bolton suffers a bit because of it's geographical location. It's not a place you might pass through and notice how nice it is. Unless you knew it was there you simply wouldn't go.

It's only 13 miles from my house but I can only remember visiting Bolton twice. One of those was only due to the big advertising campaign during the 80's for Preston's of Bolton (an engagement ring).

Having seen the vast array of pictures (thanks Irish...) it looks like I've been missing out. Should be worth a trip when the sun comes out.
Couldnt agree more High-Fi thats why Id never been before too. Its the same with Rochdale and Oldham. Though Ive been to both Bury and Altrincham on the tram so maybe thats something Bolton should be looking at. Never mind anyway its a nice enough town and place to spend a pleasent day out even if not many people know!

The pictures I found (from are mostly 10 years old so its all a little bit more spruced up now too.
Did anyone see a proposal in the MEN a few months back?

It was for an outdoor art sculpture to be located near the Reebok stadium. And it's intended to be taller than the Angel of the North.

I was suprised no one mentioned it on MCR SSC.
Roll on "City of Bolton"!

I hope they apply again and get it next time.

Howss about that then!!!...?

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Bolton imo is the most attractive of the northern mill towns. Its amazing its so close to Manchester yet seems to sustain a really busy shopping centre.
Urban Splash have bought the old ABC cinema and are putting some flats there. I think Union North are doing them but cant find any info (or cant be bothered to look very hard more to the point).
Lots of investment at the University (?) with a couple of good new buildings.
Amazing old Odeon aswell thats being converted into a conference centre. Good stuff!
And theu still have a C & A!

I rechristen you Bolton Dan.
Bolton town centre, although nice is being killed by that giant retail park at Horwich.
That sculpture has been built, it looks like a trophy. On a roundabout off Jct 6/M61, towards the Reebok.

Tall and well lit at night, it depicts Bolton's sporting heroes (not just profs. and celebs, but people who have been involved with sport + community and the like). It is quite tall.

Despite living close to Bolton, I seldom go there, but pass through on the train. Used to go a lot as a lad.

It is a large town centre, arguably the best of the sattelite towns.

The town centre is nice, Le Mans Crescent, the Market Hall, Town Hall. The pedestrianisation is excellent, you can navigate the whole town centre without serious traffic interruption.

Currently the Interchange Bus Station is being upgraded, a bridge has been upgraded with a new arch feature a-la-Hulme.

Bolton didn't go Tower Block crazy in the 60's, I think the whole town can't have more than 5, not bad for a region of 200,000.
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Passing through Bolton station on the train is quite sad. You can see just how big the station used to be. It used to be a similar width to Preston (nowhere near same length though) but now its just one platform each way. The old abandoned ones are either used as tatty car parks or just left to rot.
Ah, fond memories. I went to school in Bolton and learned how to drink in many of the pubs along Deansgate. Sadly, quite a few have either gone to the wall or gone altogether (RIP the Boar's Head). The town centre is a strange place in many ways: beautiful architecture around the Town Hall and Le Mans Crescent (Le Mans is Bolton's twin town in France: fond memories of copping my first feel of a French girl's tit on the school exchange) contrasts with some very dodgy post-war retail developments (the place where C&A forgot to close their store). I don't go to Bolton town centre at all any more, but reports are that it's quite a dodgy place to be day and night.

But, really, you've got to love that shell suit:

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andyains said:
...but reports are that it's quite a dodgy place to be day and night.

But, really, you've got to love that shell suit:
Dodgy? Surely not? You're putting me off now!

Re : Shell suit - what on earth was he thinking? I bet she's no longer with him!
High-Fi said:
Dodgy? Surely not? You're putting me off now!

Re : Shell suit - what on earth was he thinking? I bet she's no longer with him!
It's only what my Brother-in-Law tells me. Full of unsavouries. But he supports FC Utd so what does he know?

And you know, I'll bet they're still together: take a closer look and you'll see a rather attractive pineapple with a lovely blue scrunchy on top of her bonce. A match made in heaven. Or Bolton.

But don't let it put you off. Just ignore the scruffy bit of town as you walk down towards the town hall from the station.
andyains said:
Ah, fond memories. I went to school in Bolton ]

did you go to Bolton School you posh git? :)
FC United? - Prefer them to the £676,000/year counterparts.
I personally prefer Droylsden FC - Come on you Bloods! - sorry.

I'd rather look like the old woman in the centre than that joke in the shell suit!

I'm going to give Bolton a go though.....
Rigadon said:
did you go to Bolton School you posh git? :)
No I didn't, I went to Canon Slade the holier than thou school.
andyains said:
No I didn't, I went to Canon Slade the holier than thou school.

:weirdo: Cannon Sladers are the lowest of the low. Us Turtonites are of course princes among men.
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