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The Northern Way was established as a partnership led by the three northern Regional Development Agencies: NWRDA, One North East and Yorkshire Forward. It developed an evidence-based approach to pan-northern issues especially transport, where a lot of its work was about understanding the barriers are to productivity growth in the North and the most effective ways of overcome them In 2004, the Northern Way Growth Strategy pre-dated and anticipated the findings of the transport study undertaken for the Government by Sir Rod Eddington by identifying three overarching goals for the North's transport system:
• To improve connectivity within the North's eight city regions – such schemes as the Manchester Hub and the North Trans-Pennine Electrification scheme..
• To improve connectivity between the North's city regions and between the North and the rest of the country.
• To enhance access to the North's port and airport international gateways.
In March 2007, the Northern Way published a Strategic Direction for Transport containing analysis and proposals, all firmly rooted in evidence of how transport supports economic growth. It set out the interventions needed to maximise growth, while at the same time minimising the impact on the environment. It was short, medium and long-term strategy looking ahead 20-30 years. Its work on transport was steered by a committee chaired by Professor David Begg.
The Northern Way worked closely with the ODPM’s Government Office North West.
Since the RDA’s are now scrapped and the GONW too – who, if anybody, will be picking up the pieces of the work undertaken by the Northern Way?

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^ Central government can simply use the report they produced, and implement its recommendations (or whatever of them they can afford).

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I will miss the Forestry Commision most I think, who else is going to manage forests and protect the countryside? Back to the Army doing it?

Some other from the list
Competition Commision: 'To be decided'
Ofcom: Substantially reformed and merged with Postcom
Office for Fair Trading: 'To be decided'
UK Atomic Energy Agency: 'To be decided'
Museums, Libraries and Archives Council: Abolish
UK Film Council: Abolish
UK Sport: Merge with Sport England
English Heritage: Merge with National Lottery heritage fund and National Heritage Memorial fund (Ok merging the body with funding is ok, but if it controls own funding impartiality issues may arise)
S4C: Retain, abolish funding
Big Lottery Fund: Move to Cabinet office (gives Prime Minister direct control of funding big lottery projects)
Football Licensing Authority: Expand to cover all sports grounds
British Waterways: Abolish and privatise
Health Protection Agency: Abolish and transfer in house
BBC World Service: To be decided
British Council: 'To be decided'
UK Supreme Court: 'To be decided'
All MOD Museums: 'To be decided'
Health and Safety Executive: 'To be decided'

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