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Bonnland - an unusual German village

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Bonnland, a village of 120 buildings, without one inhabitant living there.

It is in use since 1937 for the German Army, Firefighters, Police and THW as a Practicetown.

It's a no go area for ordinary citizens. Only one day in the year, the first of october, ex-inhabitants are allowed to walk around through "their" town for some hours.
PLUS every 5 years the army opens bonnland for 2 days, called "the bonnland festival" In 2005, during the latest festival 29.000 people took the chance and visited the town.


THW enters Bonnland. The shield says really "training village"

firefighter vehicles at the end of the street

swedish soldiers in bonnland

virtual walk through bonnland

the cemetry, the church and the castle aren't used for training by anone.

castel greifenstein

Arieal view

Just like an average german town, if it wouldn't be used by the army, etc.

tank in bonnland
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WTF, had no idea something like this exists in Germany. The village looks way to nice for an army training ground. They should have build a more generic village somewhere else.
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