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Bonnland - an unusual German village

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Bonnland, a village of 120 buildings, without one inhabitant living there.

It is in use since 1937 for the German Army, Firefighters, Police and THW as a Practicetown.

It's a no go area for ordinary citizens. Only one day in the year, the first of october, ex-inhabitants are allowed to walk around through "their" town for some hours.
PLUS every 5 years the army opens bonnland for 2 days, called "the bonnland festival" In 2005, during the latest festival 29.000 people took the chance and visited the town.


THW enters Bonnland. The shield says really "training village"

firefighter vehicles at the end of the street

swedish soldiers in bonnland

virtual walk through bonnland

the cemetry, the church and the castle aren't used for training by anone.

castel greifenstein

Arieal view

Just like an average german town, if it wouldn't be used by the army, etc.

tank in bonnland
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120 buildings the town isn't big and no special or important buildings.
Only one mainroad:lol:

smoke of a "burning house"

Three Block War 2006

No real fighting and no moviemade, just training :lol:

end of the streetfight - nobody was killed or hurt:banana:

The village is owned by the Bundeswehr, since the mid 60's i think and they repair those houses and maintance the castle. i have readed only a house was damaged by a too fast driven tank. crashed a coner or drove into the house(don't know excactly) no wonder, a youtube video of some seconds showed two leopard2 tanks running down the mainroad with between 40-50 km/h, i guesse. i can not find the video in youtube anymore, but 2 others videos.

They use training ammunition, even the handgrenades. But i think, during the decades, more tanks and other vehicles and soldiers damaged some things, but as i said, the Bundeswehr maintances the village :)
This is pretty strange. Why is it so...quaint?
I would think such a faciliity would be made of indestructible steel houses or simplistic easy-to-rebuild wood constructions- that you can set on fire with no problem. Or throw some grenades into, maybe knock over with tanks and simulate fighting in ruins. Even if some houses are special to-be-set-on-fire constructions (and the others for drills less prone to causing damage), some of the other, normal buildings must have been accidentally knocked over by tanks in all those years?!

Or are they constantly rebuilding those gorgeous half-timbered houses as well?
In that case- they should be building more of those all over the country :)
yeah, i just saw your reply right now, sorry.

04.10.2009 10.00 Uhr

Right an english mail to them and ask

[email protected]

Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Telefon: (09732) - 784 - 2614
Fax: (09732) - 784 - 2605
FspNBw: (90) - 6451 - 2614
E-Mail: Infanterieschule
Do you think there will be a Bonnland Fest in 2010? If so, on what dates do you think it would be held? I am planning a trip to the area in 2010 and would like to visit.
did u do any pictures? if xes, post them in here please!
FWIW: I heard that the Bonnland-Fest in 2010 was cancelled; I do not know when they may plan the next one. Due to other circumstances we could not have attended in July. We did attend the Treffen in October, 2010; my wife, her mother, and I. It is a charming village, a little forlorn with no inhabitants. The Bundeswehr was very accommodating of the former residents. We had arranged to meet 5 other former residents and they and my family spent most of the day reminiscing, taking pictures, and 'catching-up'.
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