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Bordeaux is the capital of Aquitaine in SW France. I'll begin with the Chartrons district which is the wine trading district, North of the town. The photos were taken in 2006.

The "Quinconces" divides the town in two : North are the Chartrons and Bacalan

The Chartrons and Bacalan : the ship "Colbert" is no more in 2007

The Garonne River and the Southern part of the dockside

The tramway was being built : it is now active

Fenwick House

The maritime stock market

Some houses

Leaving the dockside and entering the inner Chartrons

A Boulevard that marks the end of the Chartrons district : we now enter the Jardin Public district

The Jardin Public

The Boulevard and in the distance, the Quinconces district


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Bordeaux is so beautiful. I like that entire region (although my last visit was way back in 92...when I was 8 years old).
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