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Bosnia-Herzegovina: Konjic

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The city of

Life in Konjic...
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After Sarajevo and Visoko this is probably my personal favorite city in Bosnia. I'll be taking some pictures when I stop by this summer.
I absolutely love the city. Even though I've only been there once, I really do think it's a great place to get away from the "busy" life. :yes:
I've been there three or four times. More if you count my family's cottage at Boracko.
I've been there many times, but never with Konjic as the specific destination - always on the way to Mostar and Neum.

I really did enjoy the city as well. I remember my husband and I pulled over at the far end of the bridge, and walked out half way to pose for some photographs. There was a group of young women coming across the bridge from the other direction and they were laughing and joking - and then one of them bent over and took a piece of garbage from the bridge and held it until reacing the garbage can on the other side...and I thought: that's the first time I ever see ANYONE in rural Bosnia do this? :D

So I like Konjic, I think they are in many ways far ahead of the rest of the region.
Is it really rural? I have no idea what it's population is, but it seemed urban enough. They had their main street and austrio-hungarian buldings, the bridge, a few commieblocks, a bunch of old ottoman buildings. There's nothing particularly special I suppose, but I'm more connected to it personally than with other towns.
I'm a proud Sarajka, Ledeni. ;) I could argue NYC is rural if you corner me. :D
I remember when I first really gained any idea about BIH, I was thinking it was a dirty little place, with nothing modern. Then I visit it, and it's absolutely wonderful. That same week, we go to Konjic, and my parents were telling me this was one of the least "modern" cities in BIH.

My cousin greets me, and we go straight to an internet store. :D I was shocked! Then we went a little more down the street, and we all played Playstation, while drinking Coca - Cola. Ah...Those were the days. :D

Overall, I think that BIH has got something that almost no other country has. That is, for the size of the country, it is extremely well developed and modern. Especially from what it came from, I am, and will always be shocked by what great standards of life there are after a recent war.

Unbelievable. :yes:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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