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Boston Properties which owns the John Hancock Center, the city's tallest tower, plans to redevelop a nearby transit station and surmount it with two towers one of which will be "a skyscraper" that could "significantly alter the city's skyline".


Back Bay Station Redo Could Come w/ Skyscraper on Top

It's raining spires (or proposed spires) in downtown Boston. The latest? The folks behind the TD Garden towers want to plunk soaring buildings above Back Bay Station, one of the busiest stops on the T. In exchange, developer Boston Properties would revamp the station, making it less dudgeon-like and more mall-like.

Casey "Scoops" Ross at The Globe has the details: "The gray, recessed facade along Dartmouth would be pulled out to the sidewalk and encased in glass to create better retail storefronts. The interior station would receive a complete overhaul, restoring soot-covered architectural details and removing its old cages and turnstiles."

That's for the station (conceptualized in the image above). As for the two towers that Boston Properties would build atop it, at least one would be a skyscraper, height indeterminate, and together they would be a mix of residences and commercial space.
And from the Globe:

Boston Properties, among the city’s largest and most influential landlords, declined to elaborate on its private development plans for the skyscrapers it envisions on the property. Company executives have been exploring development options in the area since it purchased the Hancock Tower and its adjacent parking garage for $930 million in 2010.

Back Bay Station sits adjacent to the garage, so the deal with the Transportation Department would allow it to expand its footprint to construct multiple buildings in what is currently a dark corner of the neighborhood.

In addition to the Hancock, Boston Properties owns the Prudential Building and the crown-shaped tower at 111 Huntington Ave., and several other large commercial properties in Boston, Cambridge, and surrounding communities. It is working with Delaware North Cos., the owner of the TD Garden, on plans to build a towering, multitiered complex of buildings next to the Garden at North Station.

The exact size and design of any new buildings at Back Bay Station has yet to be determined. But at least one would be a high-rise that could significantly alter the city’s skyline. Other low to midrise buildings could be included in the project, significantly changing the corner of Clarendon and Stuart streets, and a large stretch of Dartmouth Street.

Any new buildings would need to be approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. It would probably take several years to begin construction, due to the complications and high cost of building new structures above the Mass. Turnpike and multiple rail lines.
Plans are firming up for the station itself while the towers may be a couple years off. Given the location and the city's pressing need for more space, approval seems likely.

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