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Boston, Massachusetts

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I took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts during Easter. It was cold but worth the visit as Boston is a nice city (I've heard some people say it reminds them of Melbourne but I didn't really see the resemblance).

Around the city:-

On the Freedom Trail:-

JFKs favorite restaurant (and the oldest operating retaurant in the US):-

Harvard University:-

Around Cape Cod:-

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wow boston looks great ;)
Boston is certainly on my visit list. I love the city and would love to delve more into 'the cultural centre of the US'. Great pics thanks for sharing.
Looks like it still has alot of history still standing up and not demolished for developments.

Those pics are great. I bet it must be a beaut in the summer and fall! From the pics it does look a bit like Melbourne. Love the small town on Cape Cod.
Nice pics Platypus, I love Boston as well, long time since I've been ('91 actually) and it doesn't look to have changed at all. I also remember being in Melbourne after visiting Boston and people asking me, isn't just like Melbourne; to me the two are nothing alike, but I think Melbourne people who have been there think that it does because of the climate, especially if you are there in the fall. Winter time is a whole other ball game though, people in Australian cities have no idea what cold is!

They still have the signs about the town you're entering on the drive along Cape Cod? There was one for a town called Denis, with the sign saying "You are now entering Denis". Thought that was quite funny.
I'm planning to go to Boston next year. Love the pics, I'm very interested in all the history and architecture of the city.
Very nice indeed. Love the gold domed building, it is a gem. State legislature I presume?
Thanks for the comments :)

Yes, thats the Massachusetts State Legislature. It was built in 1787 and the dome is covered in real gold leaf!

A couple more snaps:-

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Is the town by the water Provincetown? Do you have any picutres of Cape Cod towns or the islands of Marthas Vineyard or Nantucket?
The Massachusetts State Legislature as famously depicted in The Departed. When I looked through these Boston pictures, I instantly recognized the gold dome:) . Would love to visit. Only a 10 or so hour drive from here...

By the way, are any of these photos from South Boston? Supposed to be a heavily Irish-American area and many of them are apparently still very loyal to Ireland.
just an observation - i always notice that there are so many red bricks in Boston buildings....
they must have lots of clay and quaries?
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