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Boston, U.S.A. (by Emarg)

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Welcome to the new thread of Boston, a new part of the collection of threads of the countries and cities of the world:

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1) Quick City Overview: Boston
2) Downtown Boston & North End
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Quick City Overview: Boston

Traditionally, Boston is the city of the wealthiest american families. In its oldest neighborhoods, it looks like a representation of the 19th Century London. Like most of the cities of the East Coast, it has a major number of dark-red-brick buildings and a financial district with International Style skyscrapers conforming its main skyline. Unlike NYC, who is just a few hundred miles away, Boston is a much happier city. They knew how to convert the old architecture and urbanismo into new revitalized neighborhoods for a new era, just like the western european cities. Some of their streets are now exclusively for pedestrians and the highway who once crossed the Downtown is now underground: the famous Big Dig who turned a grey place in the hurt of the city into new parks full of life. In Boston, thereโ€™s a main path for the tourists called the โ€œFreedom Trailโ€, who goes trough the Downtown and a few other places such as Charlestown and North End. If you take the whole day just for it, you may fully see it. Boston is probably the best US city to look at when it comes to find where the mentality of great nation of this epic country started.

Downtown Boston & North End

The heart of the most aristocratic city of the United States follows the same logic of the cities of the East Coast and the former Thirteen Colonies: a financial district with new skyscrapers of great simplicity (also common on other countries such as Australia and South Africa), accompanied by the old buildings of american Beaux Arts and neoclassic style, and connected by highways to the suburbs. In the special case of Boston, the main artery is the Interstate 93, rerouted underground and famous for its cost overruns and known today as the Big Dig. Like many other cities of the region, Boston is surrounded by compact neighborhoods, full of red-brick apartment buildings. Amongst these neighborhoods lies North End, placed on the tip of the peninsula and known for the old irish and italian mafia.

Thank you :colgate:

fantastic! I had my dad's side of the family all over the North End so I've been able to enjoy it since i was a young kid. Great correction though.

Italian Mafia-North End
Irish Mafia-Winter Hill, Somerville

It's kind of important to make the distinction:lol::)

I bet it is :lol: I remember that I watched a movie a few months ago about a fight between the italian and irish mobs, but I don't remember the name. Also watched Black Mass, great movie by Johny Depp.
Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill was the neighborhood where Edgar Allan Poe lived. It possess a weird atmosphere who attracts from the very beginning, being some sort of combination between Amsterdam and Montmartre in Paris. Dark-brick houses on tree-lined streets, crossed by old passageways and a unique vibe that surpasses the city of Boston itself. The most famous place in the neighborhood is the Acorn St., who still keeps the old cobbles of the street and the sidewalks.

1 - 11 of 22 Posts
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