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Where would you like to see the new NFL team located?

  • Los Angeles/The Coliseum

    Votes: 14 73.7%
  • Anaheim/New Facility

    Votes: 5 26.3%

Bow Your Heads Children, Now Let Us All Pray

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Coliseum might see big changes for NFL team

The historic venue is one of two possible homes for a Los Angeles football franchise.
Alexis Hawkins
Issue date: 4/11/06 Section: News
PrintEmail Article Tools Page 1 of 2 next > In past weeks the NFL and the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission have been deliberating over the long-standing idea of housing an NFL team in the Coliseum.

"With the collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Player Association concluded, we are now turning our attention to selecting a stadium site in the Los Angeles area," said Brian McCarthy, director of communications for the NFL.

McCarthy said that the NFL has narrowed its decision down to two locations: a renovated Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and a new facility in Anaheim, adjacent to where the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play.

The benefits of utilizing the Coliseum are centered on its proximity to the city and the entertainment industry, said Billy Witz, a columnist for the Los Angeles Daily News.

Alternatively, the potential of the Orange County location remains attractive on account of a growing affluent community and an advantageous land deal that would include 50 acres with ample room for surrounding development, Witz said.

Witz has been following the developments of an NFL team moving to Los Angeles and has attended several NFL conferences where both Los Angeles and Orange County were represented.

Despite such deliberation, "it looks like the NFL is very serious for the 2010-2011 season," said Bernard Parks, city councilman on the Coliseum Commission.

Parks recently met directly with NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue to negotiate an NFL team playing at the Coliseum and discuss how the city would adapt to accommodate a pro team, the Los Angeles Times reported March 31.

McCarthy said he believes that NFL club owners could make a decision at a meeting scheduled in mid-May.

"The decision is all in the NFL's hands … it's between the Coliseum, the pro teams and the politicians," said Don Winston, senior associate athletic director.

Winston said USC has no role in the decision to have an NFL team in the Coliseum.

The Coliseum is owned by a commission of nine board members, composed equally of representatives from Los Angeles, Los Angeles County and the state of California. The commission was created under the Joint Exercise of Powers Act in 1945.
According to the Coliseum's Web site, no taxpayer funds are used to support the Coliseum or the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. They are, instead, supported solely by revenue generated from the two facilities.

In the event of an NFL team moving into the Coliseum, considerable renovations would be necessary to prepare the stadium, a move that would cost several million dollars, Parks said.

Robert Harris, professor emeritus at the USC School of Architecture, said he feels that the renovation of the Coliseum is a two-sided coin.

"There have been construction schemes developed to preserve defining features like the east end arcade tower and exterior peristyle … but the scheme calls for the significant altering of the whole interior to produce steeper seating for better views and to install press boxes," Harris said.

Harris also said the renovation would call for a significant cleaning of the grounds around the Coliseum as well.

"As we have communicated to the university, the renovation would preclude the USC football team from playing in the stadium during the construction phase," McCarthy said.

Beyond the disruption of this renovation period, USC football would also have to co-exist with a pro team.

"If the owners select the L.A. Coliseum, we would work closely with USC on the scheduling of NFL games … we would expect to avoid playing on successive days," McCarthy said.

The Coliseum is no stranger to hosting NFL teams. Aside from accommodating Super Bowls I and VII, the Rams played in the Coliseum from 1946-1979, while the former Los Angeles Raiders were also housed there from 1982 through the 1994 season.

Parks, a USC alumnus, completely supports a decision to bring an NFL team back to the Coliseum.

"As an alumnus I'm excited to be a representative for the area of the college … I think this would be a major economic boost to the community," Parks said.

Jim Moore, a graduate student studying economics, said that having another influx of fans for Sunday games would be great for the local businesses.

In contrast, Grethel Solis, a junior majoring in psychology, said "the city of Los Angeles does not need an NFL team … USC has enough traffic and the money the city would have to put out is too much. That money should be spent on the city, not the greedy NFL owners and players."

Parks, however, said that the NFL would attract minimal traffic congestion because the Coliseum is off the beaten path.

As the situation stands now, specifics have not been determined. A team will not be decided until a stadium is selected, and then the NFL's attention will be turned to either creating an expansion team or relocating a franchise, McCarthy said.

While the Coliseum has been subjected to several renovations since its completion in 1923, "removing the concrete changes our memory of being there," Harris said.

Nevertheless Harris also said that "throughout human history, whatever we build we tend to remodel … cultures have always remodeled the places they inherit."
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Please let it be the Coliseum!
I hope they don't move to Anaheim, because their are not going to be in L.A. They need to stay in L.A. city.
God not in Anaheim, I swear if they put a "Los Angeles" team in orange county I will be pissed. I like the idea of putting a stadium up on the hill next to Dogers stadium.
Coliseum, comon, it's LA. Although not a fan of NFL, I would like to see LA {county} with even more pro teams :cheer:
Chavez Ravine (Dodger Stadium) is out of the running, and thank God it is. Impossible to get in and out of for 55000 at a Dodger game, let alone 85000 for Football. Be real, not to mention its a place only accecible by car. The Coloseium, which in my opinion will win out, is in a booming area, served by mass transit (Aqua Line) and is connected to Downtown LA and USC. That strech of Figeuroa will be booming by 2011 and it will only get better. Imagine all the development the renovated Colosieum will bring to that area and it would only be a matter of years before that area was cashing in on the high rise living and densification currently present in Downtown LA.

By the way, the long term goal of the NFL is to have two teams in LA, one at the Coloseium and one in Anaheim.
chinito chinito is a great song on chavez ravine... i did not know it had anything to do with dodger stadium
^Getting back to the topic, I would rather a brand new 21th Century facility for our Boys. Coliseum not exactly my favorite choice but would do before Anaheim, Pasadena and Carson. They should just knock the ugly ass LA sports arena and build something on that site. It's still close to (Expo Line) yes I said Expo not Aqua. So keep the coliseum for the Trojans and History and bring NFL back to Los Angeles.
People, its not going to be the Colosiuem as it is now. its going to be gutted, except for the peristyle (the outer shell basically) and will be a 78,000 seat stadium with Luxory boxes and new concessions and all the new things. It will be an amazing place, a brand new stadium built inside the historic shell, similar to what was built in Chicago to replace soldier field.
Fine, it won't be the coliseum, but at least it should be in that area. It would make Figueroa and the Jefferson Park area even more attractive to the people. It'll be cool to have the old coliseum, the Imax, the museums, sure why not, the Sports Arena, and a brand new football stadium.
I know this is a very old model, but i still think it'd be cool if the new stadium
had some resemblense to this...

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Fine, it won't be the coliseum, but at least it should be in that area. It would make Figueroa and the Jefferson Park area even more attractive to the people. It'll be cool to have the old coliseum, the Imax, the museums, sure why not, the Sports Arena, and a brand new football stadium.
Its a refurbished Colosieum, therefore in the exact same spot.
that model is freaking awesome!

^ That's not cutting it for me....... Yuck!!!!
We need a brans new facility in Los Angeles*
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That model is fine, except for those construction-crane-like-things it has on its sides.
yah i hope those are nice and earthquake proof. otherwise someone is going to have a hell of a day
What year is that model from?
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