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Strange, it's almost built, but I've never heard anything about, or seen any renderings of the Rose Theatre that's about to open in Brampton.

$55M Brampton theatre set for fall opening
880-seat facility will overlook new civic square
Expected to be $20M-a-year economic boon
Apr. 13, 2006. 01:00 AM

Brampton's contribution to the expansion of arts and culture in Greater Toronto — the $55 million Rose Theatre — opens next September.
"The Rose Theatre is the star of Brampton's five-year revitalization program in our historic downtown core," Mayor Susan Fennell said yesterday. "This theatre is one of the largest public infrastructure projects in Canada."
The facility, which is 90 per cent complete, will have an 880-seat theatre and a secondary hall with 160 seats. It overlooks a new civic square being developed at the northeast corner of Queen and Main Sts.
The Rose will offer a mix of local talent such as the Brampton Symphony Orchestra with some "big name Canadian and international performers and touring productions," said publicist Dan Paquette.
Brampton already has a strong tradition of theatre dating back to 1922, especially at the city's Heritage Theatre next door which has a strong subscription base that will shift to the Rose, said Paquette. Plans for the Heritage haven't been announced yet.
The horseshoe-shaped house will offer an intimate space with excellent sight lines and it's wired for TV and video broadcasting, officials said.
The building's exterior is covered by a special "skin" that will insulate it from noise and vibrations, a necessary feature with a main railway line about 50 metres away.
The stage includes a 10-storey fly tower for moving props and backdrops on and off the stage and an orchestra pit with a floor that can be raised to stage level when not in use.
There will be underground parking for 500 cars.
It's expected to attract 55,000 visitors a year and generate almost $20 million in annual economic activity, according to city officials.

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Maybe but good for them for tryin'

There's no win in seeing it fail.. even folks in Brampton need Otwo, good schools, garbage pick-up, and the occasional OMG.... this so much better than TV.

Indie Bean
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This thread should be renamed "Brampton ...white elephant?"
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