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BRASIL - By Emarg

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Welcome to the new thread of Brazil, a new part of the collection of threads of the countries and cities of the world:

And this is the list of all the stuff shown in the thread, that I'll be also updating periodically, and it's sorted by State/City and the Page Number, so that way you may find what you're looking for:


-Belo Horizonte: Quick City Overview (Page 7)
-Belo Horizonte: Confins/Tancredo Neves International Airport (Page 6)
-Belo Horizonte: Landing at Belo Horizonte (Page 6)
-Ouro Preto: Quick City Overview (Page 7)
-Ouro Preto: Trem da Vale ("Valley Railway") (Page 7)


-Curitiba: Quick City Overview (Page 2)
-Curitiba: Afonso Pena International Airport (Page 3)
-Curitiba: Botanical Garden (Page 3)
-Curitiba: Óscar Niemeyer Museum (Page 3)
-Curitiba: Panoramic Tower Page 3)


-Rio de Janeiro: Quick City Overview (Page 4)
-Río de Janeiro: Centro Cultural Justiça Federal (Page 5)
-Rio de Janeiro: Confeitaria Colombo (Page 5)
-Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana (Page 4)
-Rio de Janeiro: Downtown (Page 5)
-Rio de Janeiro: Ferry Rio-Niterói (Page 8)
-Rio de Janeiro: Galeão International Airport (Page 4)
-Río de Janeiro: Ipanema (Page 4)
-Rio de Janeiro: Landing at the Galeão Airport & Aerial Views (Page 3)
-Río de Janeiro: Leblon (Page 4)
-Rio de Janeiro: MAC Niterói - Museum of Contemporary Art of Niterói (Page 6)
-Río de Janeiro: Museum of Fine Arts (Page 5)
-Río de Janeiro: National Library (Page 5)
-Río de Janeiro: Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf) (Page 5)
-Rio de Janeiro: São Sebastião Cathedral & Churches (Page 6)
-Rio de Janeiro: Santos Dumont Airport(Page 6)
-Rio de Janeiro: Take Off from RIo (Page 6)
-Río de Janeiro: Theatro Municipal (Page 5)


-Sâo Paulo: Quick City Overview (Page 1)
-Sâo Paulo: Catedral da Sé & Churches of São Paulo (Page 2)
-Sâo Paulo: Congonhas Airport (CGH) - Airport & Take-Off (Page 2)
-Sâo Paulo: Copan Building (Page 1)
-Sâo Paulo: Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) (Page 2)
-Sâo Paulo: Itália Building (Page 1)
-Sâo Paulo: Metro (Page 2)
-Sâo Paulo: Paulista Avenue (Page 1)
-Sâo Paulo: Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (Página 1)
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Sâo Paulo: Quick City Overview

City: Sâo Paulo
State: Sâo Paulo
Place: Quick City Overview

São Paulo, for its nature of impressively large city, has many identities amongst its complete territory. It has the variables of all of the biggest world capitals: it aborbs the towns and suburbs who stand on its limits while it continuosly keeps growing, it becomes the financial center of the region and furthermore the spotlight of the industrial sector in the country. São Paulo can be seen from two points of vew: from the air, where you can actually watch dozens of kilometers of buildings, and on foot, where the size of the city goes unnoticed. That is interesting because it shows how deep the modern urbanistic system managed to penetrate on Brazil: big avenues and highway networks, the predominance of the private gardens and open green spaces, and a substantial distance between the buildings. It’s also interesting to see the difference with the old brazilian architecture who always had an imperial vibe, from the portuguese churches and residences to the huge public and private palaces of the beginning of the 20th Century. The core of the city itself is the Paulista Avenue and the Downtown along with its surroundings neighborhoods, lost in decay in the last decades, but who still conserves some of the most important buildings of the city and the country: the Altino Arantes, the Copan and Italy Building, the Pinacoteca, the Municipal Theatre and the Estação da Luz Railway Station.


In HD:

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Great, very nice photos from Brazil :cheers:
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Great start. I love Brasil, so will watch this thread with interest. :)
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Thank you :colgate:
Sâo Paulo: Paulista Avenue

City: Sâo Paulo
State: Sâo Paulo
Place: Paulista Avenue

The Paulista Avenue is probably the most important avenue of Brazil, iconic for its concentration of economic wealth and cultural life, aswell as for its catalogue of modern architecture of the second half of the 20th Century who characterizes the country. It’s also the main tourist area of Sao Paulo and it shares the same facets of the most important avenues of the world like the constant streetlife 24/7, the chaotic traffic on the rush hours, and the concentration of museums, theatres, shopping malls, and the most exclusive hotels of the city. However, the most interesting side of the Paulista Avenue appears on the weekends, when it turns into huge pedestrian street with public spectacles and some sort of “bycicle” avenue in the middle.


In HD:

São Paulo: Itália & Copan Buildings

City: São Paulo
State: São Paulo
Place: Itália & Copan Buildings

The architecture that can be seen nowadays in the cities of Brazil is the result of the Modern mentality that was adopted in the country since the middle of the 20th Century. In that specific period, the architects usually experimented only with the election of the materials, and the colours of those materials, often steel or reinforced concrete, depending on the country. That is the kind of architecture who act as some sort of “densifier” of the neighborhoods of nowaday cities. So the History of the Skyscrapers in Brazils lies, mostly, in Sao Paulo. And two of the most relevant examples of that history are the Italia Building and Copan Building, the first one built by Franz Heep and the second one by the famous brazilian architect Óscar Niemeyer. While the Italia utilizes the usual vertical lines of the random modern skyscrapers of that era, the Copan Building is far more interesting because of its 3 blocks of horizontal lines, resulting on a very heavy building that was often the style of Óscar Niemeyer.

Itália Building


In HD:

São Paulo: Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo

City: São Paulo
State: São Paulo
Place: Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo

Placed in front of the Jardim da Luz, the headquarters of the “Pinacoteca” (Lyceum of Arts and Crafts) is one of the most relevant museums and one of the main tourist destinations in São Paulo. The building was modernized by the architects Torres, Colonelli and Mendes da Rocha. The vast collection of the Pinacoteca is focused on the last two centuries of the Brazilian Art, with very important artists such as Almeida Júnior, Oscar Pereira da Silva, Eliseu Visconti, Tarsila do Amaral and Flávio da Carvalho.


In HD:

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