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Construction Updates Summary

05.07.2006 (pt82)

16.07.2006 (alien)

16.08.2006 (alien)

11.12.2006 (hidden)

09.02.2007 ( - rare view)

24.02.2007 (hidden)

09.03.2007 (carbonkid)

22.03.2007 (hidden)

12.03.2007 (carbonkid)

16.04.2007 (carbonkid)

07.05.2007 (Sukino)

08.05.2007 (Sukino)

23.05.2007 (hidden)

09.06.2007 (Amrafel)

18.06.2007 (carbonkid)

27.06.2007 (carbonkid)

04.07.2007 (hidden)

10.07.2007 (carbonkid)

17.07.2007 (Wizzard)

02.08.2007 (hidden - rare view)

02.08.2007 (hidden - rare view)

05.08.2007 (matiasmx)

06.08.2007 (pau-chin)

11.08.2007 (pt82)

14.08.2007 (e2ek1el)

15.08.2007 (carbonkid)

07.09.2007 (pau-chin)

08.09.2007 (hidden)

08.09.2007 (pt82 - 'Sklad c.7')

12.09.2007 (carbonkid)

01.10.2007 (carbonkid)

08.10.2007 (xinoo)

09.10.2007 (carbonkid - special night edition :))

15.10.2007 (investorSK - 'Sklad c.7' - interior pics)

16.10.2007 ( - 'Sklad c.7' - interior pics)

21.10.2007 (futuros)

31.10.2007 (carbonkid)

20.11.2007 (hidden)

26.11.2007 (carbonkid)

04.12.2007 (carbonkid)

05.12.2007 (hidden)

19.12.2007 (carbonkid)

08.01.2008 (alexander.27)

16.01.2008 (hidden - rare view)

26.01.2008 (matiasmx)

28.01.2008 (hidden)

29.01.2008 (pau-chin)

30.01.2008 (carbonkid)

03.02.2008 (alexander.27)

13.02.2008 (Sukino)

16.02.2008 (Pharel - rare view)

17.02.2008 (Kachle)

24.02.2008 (Wizzard)

25.02.2008 (carbonkid)

28.02.2008 (carbonkid - exclusive pics vol.1)

04.03.2008 (mkodaj - opening of 'Sklad c.7')

06.03.2008 (carbonkid - exclusive pics vol.2)

06.03.2008 (carbonkid - 'Sklad c.7')

09.03.2008 (matiasmx)

09.03.2008 (Kachle)

15.03.2008 (futuros)

17.03.2008 (carbonkid - exclusive pics vol.3)

17.03.2008 (carbonkid)

17.03.2008 (carbonkid)

30.03.2008 (matiasmx)

30.03.2008 (Kachle)

01.04.2008 (pau-chin)

02.04.2008 (carbonkid)

02.04.2008 (carbonkid)

02.04.2008 (carbonkid)

03.04.2008 (Kachle)

06.04.2008 (Kachle)

06.04.2008 (Kachle)

19.04.2008 (hidden)

19.04.2008 (vnately)

18.04.2008 (carbonkid)

18.04.2008 (carbonkid)

20.04.2008 (Kachle)

23.04.2008 (-Pharel- rare view)


eurovea model

eurovea phase2 model

pribina galleria


Projekt Eurovea pomaly ožíva [in Slovak]


central square

leisure place

pribina galleria

pribina place

riverside place


[ be continued...]

city auditorium


city auditorium before reconstruction (2003)

apollo bridge on the riverbank

future city auditorium

apollo bridge under construction

slovak national theatre under construction

(source: myfseci)

M.R.Stefanik Statue







eurovea 3D ad


eurovea ad

[Translation: In year 2010 ... we will already be ... somewhere else ... Eurovea. New center of Bratislava. In the right time on the right place.]

moving boards

Basic Info

With over 112,000 sq m of office space, Eurovea International provides limitless possibilities for companies looking to establish corporate headquarters in Central Europe. State of the art design, cutting edge construction techniques combine to create the perfect modern office environment.

Focussed on the National Theatre building, a new public square forms the centre piece of Eurovea International. The place where all routes converge throughout the develop-ment, it will act as a venue for leisure, culture, concerts, public art, and fashion events to take place.

In the first phase of the development a retail district will meet the shopping requirements for a rapidly expanding consumer market. "Galleria Eurovea" will be a contemporary shopping destination rivalling anything in Europe.

Merging onto the Central Square, the Riverfront Park at Eurovea enhances the square by creating a sense of arrival for the numerous tourist boats from neighbouring countries. Cafes, restaurants and bars will be located along its entire length together with entertainment space, playgrounds, native plant gardens and public art.

Located on the banks of the River Danube, with immediate access to the heart of historic district of Bratislava. The luxury apartments at River Place Eurovea will be the most desirable residential address in Slovakia.

The tourist industry is rapidly expanding in Bratislava, yet there remains an under-supply of international standard hotel rooms in the city. Leisure and tourist facilities in phase one of the development include a 4 star hotel, casino, and multiplex cinema, all strategically located adjacent to the Central Square.
[to be continued]



[edited by carbonkid]

[under construction]

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Well, mod - this thread, or the similar one is in the World forum, posted by alien.

Anyhow, I was on the site near the bridge cca. 1 month ago. The whole area, which is about 13 hectares, is cleared off - no houses /btw, most of them were some old factories premises/, no trees, just the ground and in the near is the construction of new infrastructural nods, I am not sure, whether they are for Eurovea, but probably yes.

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3tmk said:
I think it looks great
all that glass and the reflection on the water will probably be great for photos too.
anyway, what is that little glassy needle on the far right?

I see it on the top image too with numbers, but none of them correspond to it IMO
That´s a good question, but I really don´t know. Maybe just a pretty pillar on the square? Or the glassy tower with the stairs inside to have a view from the top of it? Maybe, well, thanks for the interest, as soon as more particularities will be launched, you will be informed.

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that's really good piece of urban planning ,and a high quaulity architecture is kubster said ,a simillar master plan is necessary for warsaw, however they took care of other areas at the moment......
anyways, who stands for the master plan?

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alex_d said:
that's really good piece of urban planning ,and a high quaulity architecture is kubster said ,a simillar master plan is necessary for warsaw, however they took care of other areas at the moment......
anyways, who stands for the master plan?
Thanks. This is long awaited project to extend the centre of Bratislava. Of course, the area is in the architectural plan of Bratislava capital included as area for the mixed business and residantial facilities. The architects are Skidmore, Owings and Merrill architects company, then Slovak ReSpect and Murray Olaiore. For the park architecture is responsible Michel Duvele. So quite a large team :)
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