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Bratislava-Photography and Photos (Landscapes, Architecture, and more!)

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It'll start us off.....


Kamzík Tower


Let's keep posting more per day!
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nice. More pics ? :colgate:
thanks for the wonderful photos from Bratislava...:cheers2:
nice. More pics ? :colgate:
Of course :D

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great thread but please read all the photos rules stickies, then send me a PM when you are ready to post again.
I hope you would not mind, if I add some more :)

Slovak national uprising bridge.

Statue of medieval Slovak count Svätopluk, Bratislava castle.

One of the modern developments along Danube river called River Park.

Another new structure on the riverbank - Eurovea center.

Hotel Savoy used to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, now it's a part of the Radisson-SAS Carlton Hotel, another jewel in the hotel scene of Bratislava.

Blue church, the important piece of Art nouveau architecture by Hungarian architect Edmund Lechner.

Michael's tower, the last surviving medieval gate to the city.

Sunset on the Danube riverbank with Slovak national uprising bridge.

Photos are mine.
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Bratislava castle from Eurovea, new development project on riverbank.
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Nice photos! ^^

Statue of romantic poet Janko Kráľ in a park named after him.

BTW.: These are urban photos, so they should be probably moved to another section.
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Primatial palace, nowadays used as city hall. Inside, there is kept famous collection of tapestries from 17th century, made for cardinal Richelieu.
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A special attraction on the bridge is its flying saucer-shaped structure housing a restaurant, called "UFO" (since 2005; previously called Bystrica), on the bridge's 84.6 metre pylon.
The restaurant is reached using an elevator situated in the left pillar, and offers a good view over Bratislava.
The deck was not accessible to people during communism in order to prevent people from seeing capitalist Austria.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> scroll >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
View towards South

P1220625-P1220627 by cinxxx, on Flickr
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