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[Bratislava] River Park

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Construction Updates Summary

04/2006 (alien)

15.07.2006 (alien)

16.08.2006 (alien)

22.03.2007 (hidden)

16.04.2007 (carbonkid)

01.05.2007 (Roman Zsigo)

06.05.2007 (Sukino)

07.05.2007 (Sukino)

23.05.2007 (hidden)

02.07.2007 (hidden)

15.08.2007 (carbonkid)

26.09.2007 (carbonkid)

22.10.2007 (carbonkid)

15.11.2007 (pau-chin)

21.11.2007 (carbonkid)

22.11.2007 (PERI)

10.12.2007 (PERI)

17.12.2007 (carbonkid)

17.12.2007 (PERI)

20.12.2007 (alexander.27)

05.01.2008 (meneldur)

06.01.2008 (vnately)

07.01.2008 (alexander.27)

12.01.2008 (jednoduchoja)

21.01.2008 (hurahura)

24.01.2008 (zetem)

24.01.2008 (vlaDyka)

26.01.2008 (vnately)

28.01.2008 (PERI)

03.02.2008 vnately

10.02.2008 (vnately)

13.02.2008 (carbonkid)

27.02.2008 (pau-chin)

29.02.2008 (Sukino)

17.03.2008 (carbonkid)

19.03.2008 (carbonkid)

30.03.2008 (matiasmx)

01.04.2008 (PERI)

01.04.2008 (pau-chin)

03.04.2008 (Tibi Kimi)

06.04.2008 (Kachle)

20.04.2008 (Kachle)



2nd phase (Riverside)


River Park je ešte pod hladinou



Basic Info

Location: Bratislava

Construction period: 2Q 2006 - 2008

Number of floors: 14

Number of flats: 208

Number of parking places:

Total floor area: 150,000 m2

Costs: EUR 180 million

Developer: J&T

Architect: Erick van Egeraat

The skyline of Bratislava will soon be improved by a group of buildings called River Park. The ambitious project, whose founding stone was laid on May 30th, 2006, was designed by world-renowned Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat. The new buildings will revitalize the now empty river bank and remove a barrier between the town and the river. Individual zones of the compound will cater to different tastes, with exclusive office space, busy commercial arcade, or the five star Kempinski hotel. The compound will also include 208 luxurious apartments overlooking the Danube river.

It is located on the Danube’s left bank between the Nový most bridge and the former “Park kultúry a oddychu”, on an area of more than 2.5 ha. From here, it’s an easy matter to reach any point in the city comfortably and swiftly, or beyond it. River Park’s location ensures direct links via the city’s main roads to Vienna, Brno and Prague, and the rest of Slovakia via the highway that will connect all of Slovakia in the near future.

Outstanding class A office space is located on the north side. The spacious, fully air-conditioned offices are perfectly soundproofed and all services are within easy reach (e.g., banks, post office, etc.). The design of the space links functionality and traditional values with a view of the future. The total area of office space for rent is approximately 25 000 m2, with 700 corporate parking spaces.

The Kempinski Hotel River Park Bratislava will be another component of River Park and Bratislava’s first ***** hotel. Luxury will surround the visitor, literally at every step.

In addition to the other attractions, the riverbank will offer almost 200 distinctive apartment flats with unforgettable views of the Danube. The total residential space is 45 000 m2

Part of the ground floor and first-floor areas will be exclusively for brand-name shops and services. This guarantees that nobody will miss the latest trends and super offers. Most of the top shops are to be located on the north side, and the shop windows will also be clearly visible from the road.
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[under construction]
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What happened to that egg shaped building?
egg shaped building is a part of Eurovea project:

Pavlo said:
What happened to that egg shaped building?
preparing ground, before construction phase, now is under construction

riverpark site is bussy also on sunday

construction update

please move this trhead, thanks
Great project! I hope, that the same will be build in Warsaw one day... this city really needs it.

Wow, the last picture is probably the evidence of the construction of the pylons of the building /Kempinski hotel?/, that will be partly above the river surface. :)
Nice. I wish they built stuff like this here in Cologne.
nice visualizations!

that building above danube is kempinski hotel?
^^Yes. It will be certainly one of the Bratislava landmarks.
once the basement is done, than the rest is growing quite fast... cant wait to watch it rising... :)))
river park

construction update

april 16th 2007

When this project is about to be done? How about the phase II?
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