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Hi, guys! I'll will show you in this thread the main tourist attractions and other interest spots in the 2014 FIFA World Cup host cities, that is, places where tourists can have a very good experience, whether for cultural enrichment or to simply enjoy with friends. The idea is to bring all cities from now and also during the event, so let's start!

2014 FIFA World Cup

[CENTER]General Index[/CENTER]
[URL=""][B][CENTER]São Paulo[/CENTER][/B][/URL]

- [URL=""]São Paulo Museum of Art[/URL]

- [URL=""]Ipiranga Park and Museum[/URL]

- [URL=""]Portuguese Language Museum[/URL]

- [URL=""]São Paulo Old Downtown[/URL]

- [URL=""]Altino Arantes Building[/URL]

- [URL=""]São Paulo State Pinacotheca[/URL]

- [URL=""]Ibirapuera Park[/URL]

- [URL=""]Liberdade Japanese Neighborhood[/URL]

- [URL=""]Football Museum[/URL]

- [URL=""]São Paulo Municipal Market[/URL]

- [URL=""]São Paulo Concert Hall[/URL]

- [URL=""]Paulista Avenue[/URL]

- [URL=""]Vila Madalena Neighborhood[/URL]

- [URL=""]São Paulo Municipal Theater[/URL]

[CENTER][URL=""][B]Porto Alegre[/B][/URL][/CENTER]

- [URL=""]Farroupilha Park[/URL]

- [URL=""]Porto Alegre Downtown[/URL]

- [URL=""]Porto Alegre Public Market[/URL]

- [URL=""]Moinhos de Vento Neighborhood[/URL]

- [URL=""]Iberê Camargo Museum[/URL]

- [URL=""]Rio Grande do Sul Memorial[/URL]

- [URL=""]Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art[/URL]

- [URL=""]Moinhos de Vento Park[/URL]

- [URL=""]Matriz Square[/URL]

- [URL=""]Mário Quintana Cultural House[/URL]


- [URL=""]Salvador Colonial Fortresses[/URL]

- [URL=""]Salvador Historical Center[/URL]

- [URL=""]Lacerda Elevator[/URL]

- [URL=""]Modelo Market[/URL]

- [URL=""]Forte Beach and Village[/URL]

- [URL=""]Rio Branco Palace[/URL]

- [URL=""]Rodin Bahia Museum[/URL]

- [URL=""]Itaparica Island[/URL]


- [URL=""]National Congress[/URL]

- [URL=""]Multimedia Monumental Fountain and TV Tower[/URL]

- [URL=""]Itamaraty Palace[/URL]

- [URL=""]Cathedral of Brasília[/URL]

- [URL=""]Pontão do Lago Sul[/URL]

- [URL=""]Alvorada Presidential Palace[/URL]

- [URL=""]JK Memorial[/URL]

- [URL=""]Três Poderes Square and Planalto Presidential Palace[/URL]

- [URL=""]National Museum of the Republic[/URL]


- [URL=""]Recife Historical Center[/URL]

- [URL=""]Boa Viagem Beach[/URL]

- [URL=""]Brennand Art Institute[/URL]

- [URL=""]Orange Fortress[/URL]

- [URL=""]Olinda Historical Center[/URL]

- [URL=""]Brennand Sculpture Park[/URL]

- [URL=""]República Square[/URL]

- [URL=""]Porto de Galinhas Beach[/URL]


- [URL=""]Botanical Garden of Curitiba[/URL]

- [URL=""]Oscar Niemeyer Museum[/URL]

- [URL=""]Curitiba Historical Center[/URL]

- [URL=""]Tanguá Park[/URL]

- [URL=""]Japan Square[/URL]

- [URL=""]XV de Novembro Street[/URL]

- [URL=""]Tingui Park and Ukrainian Memorial[/URL]

- [URL=""]Wire Opera House[/URL]

- [URL=""]Barigui Park[/URL]

- [URL=""]Pope's Woods[/URL]

- [URL=""]Paço da Liberdade Cultural Center[/URL]

- [URL=""]German Woods[/URL]


- [URL=""]Manaus Opera House[/URL]

- [URL=""]Rio Negro Palace Cultural Center[/URL]

- [URL=""]São Sebastião Square[/URL]

- [URL=""]Ponta Negra Beach[/URL]

- [URL=""]Meeting of the Waters[/URL]

- [URL=""]Lake Janauari Ecological Park[/URL]

- [URL=""]Port of Manaus[/URL]

- [URL=""]Heliodoro Balbi Square[/URL]

- [URL=""]Jefferson Peres Park[/URL]


- [URL=""]Iracema and Meireles Beaches[/URL]

- [URL=""]Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture[/URL]


1. A city at a time: you cannot show other tourist spots in another city if the current one is not finished.

2. Maximum of 4 photos per post.

3. Photos cannot be larger than 1024x768.

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Let’s start with the city that will host the opening match:

São Paulo

São Paulo Museum of Art​

Designed by the renowned architect Lina Bo Bardi in 1958, the São Paulo Museum of Art constitutes an emblematic project of modern architecture in Brazil and one of the most important buildings in the renewal of the city.

The museum is internationally recognized for its collection of European art, considered the finest in Latin America and all Southern Hemisphere. It also shelters an emphatic assemblage of Brazilian art, prints and drawings, as well as smaller collections of African and Asian art, antiquities, decorative arts, and others, amounting to more than 8,000 pieces.

It is the only museum in Latin America that is part of the "Club 19", which comprises the 19 museums with the most representative collections of European art of the 19th century, as the Museum d'Orsay in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome and the Tate Gallery in London.

MASP por Miriam HMello, no Flickr

Masp Fachada por JackLabel, no Flickr


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Ipiranga Park and Museum​

Museu Paulista, also known as Museu do Ipiranga, was built between 1885 and 1890 as a monument to the proclamation of Brazil's independence from Portugal in September 1822. With its historic building, a collection spanning four centuries of Brazilian history, gardens inspired in Versailles, and a park, Museu Paulista is a top São Paulo attraction.


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Portuguese Language Museum​

The Portuguese Language Museum is an interactive museum about the Portuguese language located in the historical building of a former railway station, the Estação da Luz. The museum features an innovative and predominantly virtual character, that combines art, technology and interactivity, consisting of diverse exhibitions with hands-on activities, videos, sounds and images about Linguistics and Portuguese language developments.

Estação da Luz por luismeras, no Flickr

Estação da Luz - SP por Beto Félix, no Flickr


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Altino Arantes Building​

The Altino Arantes Building, also called Banespa Tower, is an eye-catching skyscraper built as the headquarters of the Banespa Bank in the 1940s. For 20 years it remained as the tallest building outside of the United States. The roof has an observation deck, where one can see nearly the entire city of São Paulo.


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São Paulo State Pinacotheca​

The São Paulo State Pinacotheca is one of the most important art museums in Brazil. It is housed in a 1900 building in Downtown São Paulo, designed to be the headquarters of the Lyceum of Arts and Crafts. It is the oldest art museum in São Paulo, founded in 1905, and established as a state museum since 1911.

After passing through a renovation conducted in the 1990s, the museum became one of the most dynamic cultural institutions of the country, lining up with the international circuit of exhibitions, hosting cultural events and keeping an active bibliographic production.

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