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Bremen is redeveloping its old port area which suffered from the typical loss of traffic due to a lack of water depth and the trend towards containerisation from the late 60ies onwards. Also, a lot of the shipbuilding facilities faced a decline. It is basically the same story everywhere in the western world, be it Baltimore, London or Hamburg. After quite a bit of struggle within the city council the decision for a thorough redevelopment was made in the late nineties, though the whole thing didn´t really kick off until late 2000´s.

This is a photo of the situation in the early nineties:

(Source: SUBV Bremen)

The first major change was the filling of the "Überseehafen" ("Overseas Harbour") to gain space for the move of the wholesale market from the airport area, a decision that is now seen as being a mistake. But we´ll come to that later.

Here is a very early version of a visualisation:

Or this one:

The current version of the master plan looks like this:

Bremen is quite proud of the new area and claims it being the largest redevelopment area in Europe at the moment with an area of almost 3,000,000 square meters, but that is of course marketing, because a huge amount of the area is still in industrial use with port activities going on.

This thread is to inform you about recent and current projects in the Überseestadt which for some reason has not had a thread by its own in this part of the forum until now.
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I think it is something to write home about...cities and towns of smaller population/business bases struggle to make improvements and create nicer/better living places. Bremen deserves a standing ovation for making the effort and stimulating this project.
yeah, looks like they did achieve a post war, 1950s-1960s block-house look that nearly everyone wishes never happened. :eek:hno:
The detailed plans for the project "Europahafenkopf" are out:

A small cluster of midrises and one modest high rise by Bremen standards with 77.5m and 400 apartments as well as lots of office space and a "street food court" in the ground levels right on the Europahafen harbour basin. The architecture by Cobe Architects is supposed to be reminiscent of the typical postwar warehouse architecture of the area and I think they achieved this quite well.
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Agree. Not unlike HafenCity in Hamburg (other than the symphony hall). They could establish some good restaurants and art galleries, but the real draw could have been classic Bremen historic architecture and design. Once done, your comment about being in the "middle of nowhere" will be well looks just about like everywhere else in nowhere land.
They show so many public spaces full of people, but aside from having a job in one of the buildings, I see no reason to be there at all, neither as a resident nor as a visitor. It's far away from all places of interest in Bremen, in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to offer that's worth going there.
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