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Bridges of DR Congo

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Although not in huge number relative to the size of the country, below are some of the bridges of DR Congo
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Humble effort from Kalemie - Le Pont Lukuga

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Originally posted by Karavia

Très beau pont entre la RDC et la RCA (bridge between DRC and CAR)

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Originally posted by BUTEMBO21

A village in East Congo.

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Pont TSHOPO new look, à Kisangani Province Orientale

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This river is big!, Really good for a decent sizze dam that could generate between 500 and 1000 MWe for the province of Bandundu.
Due to the sheer number of rivers across the land; obtaining self sufficiency in bridge and dam building should be a strategic target, these go hand in hand with cement capacity building. The by product of dam building is irrigation which naturally boosts agriculture, not sure how long the country can continue to sleep walk
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Where's the governor? Embarrassing!
This represents somewhat of an improvement compared to previously. The scale of work required to build the country is similar to the challenges faced by China and India in urbanising their rural populations. We just have a a big advantage in that the country is relatively under populated but face big disadvantages with a less than competent ruling political class and we have no real middle class. I look at South Africa as a potential role model in terms of development - they've really got 4 main cities (Jo'burg,CT, Durban, Pretoria) and the rest of the country benefits off of that; focusing development on a few cities will be easier than trying to patch up the whole sprawl of the country
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