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This is a new master-planned community located on 730+ undeveloped acres in Ghana, Africa. With a stable government and growing economy, this project represents a shift in how current mixed-use projects in this market are designed and viewed.

Mixed Use Development located
between two major cities, includes:
1,300 Dwelling Units
2,000,000 sf Office
60,0000 sf Retail/
Festive Market
4 Hotel Sites (1000
200,000 sf
Conference Facility
Resort/ Golf Course
Public Amphitheater
Community/ Health
Light Rail Transit
Structured Parking
Park land
Industrial Parcel Set-

Located on a major highway between established cities. The master plan is based on demographic studies and focuses on developing a
sustainable community

Business District

Town Centre

Festive Marketplace

High Rise Residential Tower Units

Mid Rise Residential Unit

Regional Shopping Mall

Regional Mall Plaza Walk - West Entry

Resort Complex

Conference Facility -Main Entry

Conference Facility- Organizing Courtyard*

Medical Complex

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Well Ghana economy is in bad shape right now so I believe projects and constructions will slow down. Comparing to already countless proposed projects.
True.. No doubt on that..we need a new govt in power .. This one is an omen

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Will be helpful if you could be a bit more specific about people and companies behind this project.

1. Who is doing the construction?
2. Where is it going to be constructed
3. When is it taking off
4. Whats the completion date......
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