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BRISBANE | 1 William Street | 260m | 852ft | 46 fl | Com

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William Street transformation a step closer to reality

The Newman Government’s vision for the transformation and revitalisation of the parliamentary end of George and Williams streets is a step closer to reality.

Acting Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney and Treasurer Tim Nicholls today announced Cbus Property had secured the contract to develop the $653 million 1 William St project.

The William Street tower is the first step in a process that will eventually enable the entire George Street government precinct to be redeveloped.

Once the tower is underway, early next year the government will engage with the community to begin the planning exercise to transform the precinct – a substantial part of the Brisbane CBD.

Mr Nicholls said the 75,000 square metre office tower, which will become the home of Queensland’s public service, will not only invigorate the precinct but also stimulate the state’s construction industry.

“This development will be fully funded by the private sector, will support approximately 1,000 direct jobs and have positive flow-on effects right across the state’s economy,” Mr Nicholls said.

“This project is all about driving growth and investment in the construction industry that is the backbone of the Queensland economy.

“Cbus Property’s proposal uses the latest technology and design intelligence to create a building that will stand the test of time and provide a highly productive environment for the Queensland Public Service, allowing it to focus on achieving the best outcomes for the people and businesses of Queensland.”

Mr Seeney said the development of the 1 William St site was long overdue.

He said the Newman Government was determined to use the space in a way that delivered outcomes for Queensland taxpayers.

“The site at 1 William Street has been a dusty carpark for years and has been designated for government office development since 1974,” Mr Seeney said.

“Cbus Property’s development will revitalise the site and is the first stage in delivering a mixed-use precinct that will facilitate greater community use of the northern bank of the Brisbane River.

“The 1 William Street development, with its modern fit-out and reduced space requirements, will rationalise the Government’s CBD office portfolio and save taxpayers about $60 million each year.”

With 13 expressions of interest received for the project, Mr Nicholls said it was obvious private industry was interested in forging partnerships with the Government that stimulate the economy.

“This project is the first major private sector development delivered by this Government through Projects Queensland and took just five months from registration of interest to announcement,” he said

“The success of the 1 William St procurement demonstrates Project Queensland’s ability to fast track projects for the benefit of the public and private sectors.

“Work on the site will start immediately in the New Year and the building is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.”

Cbus Property CEO Adrian Pozzo said his team was thrilled to have been selected to develop 1 William Street project- an iconic development for the people of Queensland.

“The opportunity to partner with the Queensland Government in the revitalisation of the precinct demonstrates our long term commitment to the state,” Mr Pozzo said.

“This project will also deliver on one of our important business strategies of directly investing in our members’ industry.”

Gross floor area (GFA): 119,977 sqm
Net lettable area (NLA): 74,853 sqm of office space (excluding retail)
Retail: 1,169 sqm
Carparks: 318 car bays
Site area: 6,778 sqm
Area required by Government: 60,000 sqm (approximately)
Available for sublease by private sector: 15,000 sqm (approximately)
Height: 43 levels (258 metres including spire)
The project will support approximately 1,000 direct jobs per year and the flow-on impacts will provide a boost to the economy 
First new commercial office building developed for government in the Brisbane CBD since the completion of the government office building at 33 Charlotte Street in 2004
The total floor area of the building (GFA of 119,977 sqm) is equivalent to the playing surface of nearly 11 Suncorp Stadiums (11,152 sqm)

NABERS ratings
5 star NABERS office energy ratin
3 star NABER office water rating


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Fat and alone, that sucks.
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^^alone for the time being. A huge casino is rumored for a nearby site, as well as 111+222 (160m/273m+ towers) nearby

Yeah i have heard of 111+222, wasn't that supposed to be 297m?
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Yeah i have heard of 111+222, wasn't that supposed to be 297m?
Yeah it was, however they're having issues with the Brisbane airport corporation. BAC wants the max height at 274m while 111+222 (billbergia) wants the height at 300m ahd.
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fyi , this tower is 228m to roof with a small spire reaching 258m/ these heights are specualtive atm from media release. so they could be sea level heights (additonal 10-15m). so we will have to wait for more accurate heights
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But... Isn't that how cities grow?? :?

Brisbane is a rapidly growing city, and historically there have been a number of buildings "too massive" for their location, but it's just the hallmark of more to come.

Right near this location, there are more large proposals, including a casino/hotel and a ~300m tower.

Even the nearby Gold Coast got a 323m tower before there was so much as one other building which could even attempt to compare with it.... But that was in 2005, and since then a number of new buildings have gone up which make Q1 look right at home.

I love the fact that it sets a precedent.
I agree, but yes, it is massive. I would prefer a slender version as well. Overall design is good though.
This tower is great, it may be big and bulky for it's location now, but with a few more years, the more dense it will get around the tower. It might encourage more development around it.
While I agree it looks huge on that site, that end of Brisbane's city centre needs some serious development and height, so I say "build the MOFO"...
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IMO it is too massive for this location. The height would be ok, but combined with the width it just completely dominates the southern end of the skyline.
The southern end of Brisbane's CBD needs to be dominated...
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This big enough for you?

For all elevations, see documents 11499190.pdf and 11499193.pdf for DA# A003585587 at

DA=A003585587 (too many files) 266.7 RL
they tried to dwarf Infinity in the 3rd pic

At what point can this be moved to u/c skyscrapers section?

Once construction actually starts. It is in prep stage now. You can ask for that to be changed though!
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