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Brisbane City Streets

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Was in a mates car, excuse the glare and windows.

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Very good for shots taken from a car. Seeing the city from a car provides a different perspective.

I love Brisbane streets. Clean, leafy and easy to drive around. None of the congestion found in Sydney :)And the buildings mostly come to the street.
Nice work.

Poor old Riverside Exp paint job is not very durable. Must be a bugger to have to paint the light poles on that thing (see first pic).

Fabian is right - not much congestion. Must have been a quiet time of day - it does get much busier than that!
Nice pics. Is that a VB road sign? :cheers:
First time I've seen photos like these

great shots aussie bhoy, the CBD does look quite nice...
Brisbane CBD looks typically Australian. Nice shots.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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